Breathe New Life In Your Carpets And Increase Its Value!

Breathe New Life In Your Carpets And Increase Its Value!

Households are adorned with carpets of different design and style to enhance the beauty of floors. These carpets, no doubt look like jewels when they are cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. However, if you neglect your carpet, they will not only lose its beauty charm and aura, but will look dirty, and can become the hub of several diseases.

In order to maintain the look and value of your carpet, it is imperative that you hire best carpet cleaning services in Northridge CA for your home worth your time and money.

Listed below are some of the advantage of getting your carpet cleaned on a regular basis by professionals.

Healthy Environment

Clean, neat and tidy carpets, no doubt contribute to the healthy environment of your home and commercial premises. The dust, dirt, germs, bacteria, and allergens that get trapped in your carpet due to heavy traffic can cause various diseases, respiratory problems and allergies to your family members.

In order to protect them from falling sick, you must get your carpets cleaned regularly that too by professionals. They use high temperature of water to kill and strip away all the batteries that are hiding in your carpet. They are also trained to perform perfect organic carpet cleaning job using co-friendly products.

Eradication Of Bacteria

Washing them vigorously on a regular basis eliminates the growth of bacteria and micro germs that are embedded in its fiber. Vacuuming it will only clean the surface dirt, but washing it with hot water will kill those bacteria’s and also eradicates the odor created by them. This order is extremely hazardous for people having allergies or worse, asthma. So, it is imperative to hire them for your carpet and rug cleaning to eradicate all such harmful microbes.

Ugly Blotches And Stains

If your carpet has huge blotch of coffee or worse cranberry juice, then get it washed right away, so that it does not become a permanent stain. Experts use special solution and industrial chemicals to remove the stubborn tough stain from your expensive Persian carpet. These experts also provide upholstery cleaning services to remove food stains from your costly designer settee.

Carpet Longevity

Professional carpet cleaning no doubt extends the life of your carpet. They regularly peel off the layer of dirt, debris, and bacteria that is extremely harmful to its fibers. These germs tend to split, fade and cause discoloration to fibers thus affecting the overall look of the carpet.

Regular washing and high power cleaning will keep carpet sanitized and safe from these outer elements help improve the longevity of your expensive carpet.


Sometimes, carpet cleaning machines tend to leave the soapy detergent in them thus causing bad smell and dampness in them. Professionals ensure to leave no cleaning solution behind by blow drying it with their professional blowers. They also use the hot water method to extract all the solution from your carpet fiber.

Bad Odor

If you have pets at your home, then you might experience bad odor due to their urine or feces that get trap in the carpet. This odor can only be removed by professionals who use special solutions to remove this smell from your carpets.

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