Clever Wardrobe Ideas to Clean Your Jeans

Clever Wardrobe Ideas to Clean Your Jeans

Jeans are considered to be the most common outfit found in the wardrobe. In today’s era, jeans are the most popular outfit wear by everyone. There are many varieties in jeans which can go in formal and in causal events.

It happens many times that the messy jeans or denim dungarees get spoils due to the lack of a proper way of cleaning. The jeans are considered to be the most sensitive outfit that needs more time in cleaning. Your jeans represent you so it needs more care than any other outfit. While going to clean your jeans you should rely on the fastest and safest methods that prevent your jeans from any damage.

To keep your jeans fitted, better & the last longing than you need to clean them carefully. This article will shed light on the top methods that will help you to make your jeans last longer without getting damage.

Top Methods to Clean Your Jeans

Jeans don’t need to be clean regularly or it will get fade or damage. The less you will clean the longer it will go. Using the right techniques in cleaning your jeans will help you to wear last longer. The top methods are as follows

Spot Clean

Many times instead of cleaning a particular stain people go with laundry the whole jeans. This is the worst method as it won’t give long term benefits and soon you have to replace your jeans by buying a new one. The most relevant and quickest way is to go with cleaning the particular stain instead of washing entire jeans. You can clean a particular spot by using a damp old cloth or old toothbrush with little soap. That’s how you will get the desired results and even your jeans life will increase.

Flip Out

Another way of cleaning is to flip out the jeans whenever it gets dirty and needs to go in the washing machine. Most people forgot about turning the jeans inside out which could fade the actual colour and could look like old jeans. While going to clean your jeans follow the given points to make them look like new as it was before.

  • Go for cleaning your jeans in washing machines after wearing them at least 10 times
  • Check jeans pocket twice before putting it in the washing machine
  • Never wash your denim jeans with any other outfit or else your both clothes will get ruined
  • Never use dryers for your denim jeans as they will break down and damage your valuable outfit. Always hang them up to dry so that the fitting and colour get remain the same.

Clean It Yourself

The easiest method is to clean your jeans by yourself. The most valuable outfit will be safe in your hands. You can clean your jeans within 30 minutes by your own hand. You will only need soap and cold water. Submerge your jeans in the cold water and add the soap or light detergent in the cold water. Leave your jeans soaked for 20 to 25 minutes. Right after this process rinse your jeans thoroughly and that’s how it is ready to hang in the sunshine.

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