Coating It Up: An Analysis Of Garage Floor Coatings

Coating It Up: An Analysis Of Garage Floor Coatings


Whether you’re looking for a residential or commercial garage epoxy flooring system, the benefits and savings are all the same, especially when the floors last for decades! Along with unmistakable beauty, epoxy garage floors offer surfaces that are incredibly resistant to impact and damages of various types. You cannot go wrong with a professionally installed epoxy garage floor coating. Epoxy garage floors are some of the toughest finishes you can install in any area that is also easy to customize. It is important to remember, epoxy is not floor paint, instead, it is a thermosetting resin that is applied as a floor coating which then hardens on your concrete strengthening it.

Benefits of epoxy coating


  • The coating, after it has cured and is ready to use, provides a hard surface with an estimated strength of 10,000 PSI. Dropping items on the surface or dragging tools across the surface will not crack, scratch, or damage your epoxy surface in any way!
  • Epoxy garage floors, unlike bear or non-epoxy floors, are incredibly easy to maintain. These floors do not absorb debris or dust, making them quick and easy surfaces to sweep away during those nasty allergy seasons.
  • One of the most important benefits of an epoxy garage floor is its resistance to damage from moisture and chemicals. Things like dragged in salts, moisture from the soil underneath the slab, and chemical/water spills do not affect the surface itself.
  • Aesthetics are not forgotten; epoxy garage floors are some of the most decorative and beautiful surfaces on the market! You have choices like metallic epoxy garage floors that create 3D illusions and manipulate pigmentation in the coating. Other epoxy garage floors are flake epoxy floors; these beautiful additive floors create a granite-like style that is highly desirable.
  • With its seamless finish, resistance to chemicals, oils, vehicle fluids, staining, brake fluids, and everything in between, epoxy flooring is an easy choice.

Installation and Epoxy Flooring Price


  • Depending on the season and what type of condition your original floor is in, times for installation can vary drastically. Repairs, cleaning, and moisture tests must be completed before any installation beginning. Your floors will be inspected, repaired, tested, and cleaned before the primer is even added to the slab. Garage floor epoxy costs also vary, shocker! The prices for these floors vary simply because square footage is a key factor in regulating prices. A professional installation can start around $4 per square foot depending on your area and the condition of your concrete before epoxy being started. Once the job is complete, anywhere from 3-4 days later will be the time to show off your new floors!
  • Epoxy garage floors are protected from the everyday commonalities that would otherwise damage the surface. Be prepared to research the best type of epoxy flooring for your home or business.

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