Countering Risks of the Tow Truck Business

Countering Risks of the Tow Truck Business

Driving a tow truck is a dangerous job that could lead to damage to property or injury. Manoeuvring freeways and busy roads during bad weather days and treacherous traffic conditions puts tow truck drivers and their vehicles at great risk. Yet they have to respond to calls from stranded motorists, or people involved in auto accidents and motor vehicle collisions. Tow truck insurance is the only way to ensure protection of businesses in the event of accidents that result in property damage.


Acts of violence

Angry, stressed, or frustrated drivers may take their emotions out on the tow truck driver simply for doing his or her job. Drivers may interrupt the tow truck driver’s job to comment on the care of a vehicle or how to resolve the problem, making the job last longer and possibly leading to an altercation. The side of the road can be a high-tension environment, especially if the tow truck driver is responding to an accident. Aggressive drivers and road rage can put tow truck drivers at risk of assault and other violent crimes.

  1. Reckless, negligent and distracted drivers

A reckless driver knows that what he or she is doing could potentially hurt someone but does it anyway. Examples include drunk driving, excessive speeding, racing, and red-light running. Reckless drivers are extremely dangerous to tow-truck drivers, as they may crash into the vehicle or worker without even trying to slow down, stop, or avoid a collision. This results in higher-speed accidents and more serious injuries.Driver distraction is also deadly for tow-truck drivers. Texting and driving, calling friends, chatting with passengers, changing the radio station, or paying too much attention to the broken-down vehicle and flashing lights to focus on the road are all dangerous driver habits that could result in a vehicle colliding with the tow truck, disabled car, or tow-truck driver. Negligent drivers frequently break roadway rules, increasing the risk for tow truck drivers.

  1. Dangerous surroundings

As these things happen, many vehicle breakdowns occur in high-crime areas, at night, on bridges, on the side of busy highways, and other dangerous locations. Tow truck drivers must not only look out for their personal safety but of the safety of the vehicle owner. Drivers must be brave and cautious enough to perform their jobs in dangerous locations without making a serious mistake or endangering anyone. Drivers slowing down and moving over for stopped tow trucks can make their jobs less high-stakes.

Tow truck insurance coverages

Tow truck insurance covers various aspects, depending on the insurer and what they offer. Here are some of the most common coverages on tow truck insurance:

  1. Liability insurance — This pays for injury that you cause to other people and damage to their property. It includes two coverages: bodily injury liability insurance and property damage liability coverage
  2. Medical Payments Insurance — Pays for medical bills for you and the passengers in your vehicle in case they're hurt in an accident or auto-related injury.
  3. Physical Damage Coverage — Pays for repairs to your vehicle caused by an accident like a collision with another vehicle or a falling tree branch. This towing insurance consists of three coverages: collision insurance; comprehensive insurance and fire and theft with cac insurance
  4. Uninsured Motorist Insurance — Pays for injury to you and your passengers caused by drivers who don't have insurance or adequate coverage. It also protects you in case of a hit-and-run. Uninsured motorist insurance for commercial tow trucks can include: underinsured motorist insurance and uninsured motorist property damage insurance.

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