Cyber Security Certification: A Step towards Ethical Hacking

Cyber Security Certification: A Step towards Ethical Hacking

We are living in a digital age with substantial involvement of the internet and technology in our life. The Internet has a large part of data and information online of the organization or an individual. There exist malicious users and hackers online who threaten the safety of online data or any other confidential information. This threat can be of data theft or corruption which may lead to financial loss. There comes Cyber Security in the role of the protection of confidential information of the users. There are several security measures for protecting sensitive data on the internet and other software. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of them, along with the benefits of joining the Online Ethical Hacking Course the most in-demand domain of Cyber Security.

About Ethical Hacking

Before diving into the learning factor of Ethical Hacking, first, we need to understand “What is Ethical Hacking?”

Ethical Hacking is the method of finding vulnerabilities in a computer system/network and exploiting it to find the breach in a system and rectifying those threats. Ethical Hackers are also known as white hat hackers and they mainly deal with penetration testing. Ethical hacking is done with the permission of the organization or an individual.

Practices involved in Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking includes vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, and social engineering. Let’s understand these techniques a little more and learn to protect the data for an organization.

  • Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerable Assessment is an Ethical Hacking technique that defines, identifies, and classifies the security loopholes (or vulnerabilities) in a Computer System / Network, or IT infrastructure.

  • Penetration Testing

Unlike Security Vulnerable Assessment which looks for the known vulnerabilities in a system and reports potential exposures, penetration testing exploits weaknesses in the architecture of a system.

  • Social Engineering

Social engineering trick unsuspecting users into compromising their security, to steal money, identities, and sensitive information. These attacks exploit bugs in human behavior for malicious goals. Ethical Hackers learn the countermeasures for the Social Engineering Attacks in Ethical Hacking Course.

Reasons to do Ethical Hacking Certification Course

  • Ethical Hacking provides you the ability to deal with the loophole and weak points of the networks and safeguard them against malicious activities.
  • Certified Ethical Hackers are in demand, as web servers and computer networks are vulnerable to security breaches.
  • Several esteemed career opportunities.
  • The ethical Hacking profession pays well.
  • You will get global recognition.
  • Ethical Hacking Certification allows you to use various mechanisms for penetration testing on the Networks and Computer Systems and their safety mechanisms.
  • If you like reading and studying about Cyber threats and want to fight cyber-crimes, Ethical Hacking gives you that chance.
  • It gives you and exposure to cutting-edge hacking technology.

Talking about career perspective, you will have the following career opportunities after completing an Ethical Hacking Certification Course:

  • Ethical Hacker.
  • Penetration Tester.
  • Security Administrator.
  • IT Security Consultant.
  • IT Auditor.
  • Computer Forensics Analyst.
  • Site Administrator.

Prerequisites to Become an Ethical Hacker

Hacking is an illegal activity unless an individual follows the necessary rules and criteria that certify an individual as an Ethical Hacker. To showcase the skills, knowledge, and proof that an individual is a white hat hacker Ethical Hacking Certification Course is necessary for the needed recognition.Prerequisites for that Ethical Hacking Course are programming skills on basic computer programming skills such as Java, Python, C programming, C++. Some Web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS, PHP, etc. It will be helpful in the Vulnerability Assessment.Computer networking knowledge is also a must to help undertake the certification exam for completion of the Ethical Hacking Course.Other than that, getting aware of the current technological scenario is very significant to stay updated with the Ethical Hacking Domain.

Organizations need skilled ethical hackers to strengthen their security. To protect their businesses, Organization invests in hiring Certified Ethical Hackers, so that they can use the hacking techniques similar to those used by illegal hackers to identify vulnerabilities and remove it before hackers could exploit them.

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