Damages of the presence of blue flies in the house

Damages of the presence of blue flies in the house

The benefits of blue flies Blue flies of the most important organisms and has a very important role in human life Otherwise blue flies would have been impossible life The benefits of this flies:

  • fly does not harm the human, but harm his health.
  • Blue flies larvae feed on rotting dead bodies and help to quickly decompose and remove their unpleasant odor.
  • He helps forensic men in the murders to find out the time of death, when the death took place and the age of the dead bodies.
  • But despite the larvae of flies feed on flesh and dead rotting corpses, the fly itself feeds on the nectar of flowers because the fly is attracted to the smell of beautiful flowers strong and permeable.
  • The larvae of this fly are used in the treatment of wounds because these larvae feed on dead tissues and do not touch living tissues so this helps to heal wounds quickly. Eliminates decaying plants and helps purify the air.
  • Flies help to get rid of insect pests.
  • Damage to the presence of blue flies in the house: the fly does not harm the human, but harm human health, including germs, infection and bacteria.
  • It transmits many of the germs to humans, infection from waste, garbage and dirt, such as diarrhea and typhoid, and transmits diseases, epidemics and eye diseases.
  • This insect is found everywhere baths, kitchens, cemeteries and places where any rotting corpses to feed on larvae.
  • Ways to get rid of flies Place a text of lemons by carnations in places where there are flies and cloves with lemon helps to get rid of this flies and eliminate it completely It is possible to use apples instead of lemons and put on cloves.
  • Using fans at home in the summer disturbs flies, mosquitoes and mosquitoes and helps get rid of these insects while sleeping.
  • The use of perfumes smell of clove or use of clove oil, which makes flies away and fly from the pungent smell and get rid of.
  • Planting aromatic plants such as peppermint and basil These plants are grinded and placed on the kitchen table until their perfume smells and flies away and flies.
  • Flies dislike the smell of castor oil and tomato.
  • The most important thing is personal hygiene and hygiene in the house, streets and villages.
  • Spray tea tree or lavender oil at the entrances, doors and windows.
  • Laurel or eucalyptus prevents the presence of flies.
  • It is possible to put an insect catcher to catch flies from home.
  • Use as a screen flies There are many forms, such as a rose or palm and have a large long hand help to get rid of flies.
  • Many types of insecticides are used to eliminate flies.
  • The state should drain the contaminated areas and swamps and remove trash from the streets and clean these streets to eliminate flies and insects. Cleaning, disinfection and control of slaughterhouses.
  • Use mosquito net when sleeping for children to not disturb them while sleeping.
  • Use wire or sieves for windows, windows, doors and entrances.
  • Food should be well covered with tight covers so that flies or insects do not fall on the food.

The reason why blue flies are called graves flies Blue flies are called graves flies because flies are abundant in modern tombs, especially where the bodies are buried from recently to reach the smell very easily.

After a week of feeding on carcasses and rotting corpses, the fly becomes a virgin and three weeks after feeding it becomes a complete insect and restores the life cycle to find other bodies in other graves.

Types of flies Drosophila: A fruit fly is a flying insect transparent and feed on fruit, there are small holes in the fruit when you see this evidence of the fruit fly fed them.

So you have to be careful and when buying fruit you should take your attention to these holes because the fly comes on the fruit and suck them and piercing them until you feel full and contaminate the fruit and spoil and transmit infection to you and bacteria and infectious germs.

  • Fire fly: a fly with a yellow color radiates a light shines like a fire, so he called this name.
  • Like all flies, it is transparent and senses hot places with high temperatures.
  • They live in tropical forests and feed on plants. There are many flies in life, including the tennessee fly, which is deadly, dangerous and poisonous to humans.
  • Fly flies: It is a type of flies and is a blue-green metallic color, this flies are called green flask or blue glass because of its appearance and elegant shape.
  • This fly is like the size of a house fly, a fly fly transmits animal and human severe disease and bacterial infection.

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