Different Kinds of Microphones That You Need To Know

Different Kinds of Microphones That You Need To Know

When we talk about public address hire, then selecting the suitable and right microphone is one of the essential factors as selecting audio set up. Since, there is a large range of microphone and each have different role. Choosing the suitable and right microphone is important in order to communicate your message effectively. You must also know that which one is best for you.

The kind of Microphone Hire you select depends upon what sort of event as you are going to arrange and what type of microphone do presenters and speakers need. There are different people who have different speaking styles, therefore everyone needs specific audio setup and public address hire options based conventionally to their needs.

Table Microphone:

If you are supposed to meet with someone at a hotel or you are about to host a conference, then for this microphone would be the most suitable and perfect microphones for speeches that would be performed from a stationary position. This would also provide a fix point to the audience in order to focus on during the event. This set up would permit the presenter to keep their hands free during their speech and this would be great for you indeed.

Wireless Lapel Microphone:

If we talk about wireless lapel microphone then this microphone is basically attached to your clothing that is related to a battery powered transmitter and a receiver. This microphone could also be attached easily to the speaker’s belt. A lapel microphone is best and suitable for presentations in which the presenter wants mobility, and he also aspires to move around on the stage by keeping their hands free. It would be amazing if you select to hide your microphone from the view.

Wireless Handheld Microphone:

We see many live audio presentations, a wireless handheld microphone is a famous choice that is powered by batteries and comes with a separate receiver. With low handling voice, it is very suitable for the event where the mic is supposed to move or passed around such as Q&A kind of event or live music performance.

Wireless Headset Microphone:

Wireless headset microphone is some kind of convenient mic which gives freedom of movement avoiding the risk of contact with clothing that comes with a lapel mic and a better sound quality. These are some kinds of microphones that you could see for your events according to your need and desire.

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