Different Types Of Videos To Shape Your Video Marketing Campaign

Different Types Of Videos To Shape Your Video Marketing Campaign

Video has been used across multiple domains and industries for decades already but the recent innovation has brought together countless video types solely for the purpose of video marketing. Now potential leads and traffic are generated by experimenting with unique types and forms of digital marketing. Video is not only meant to benefit the business owner by generating traffic or bringing an increment in sales but video content benefits customers more as compared to textual content.

The domain of video marketing is quite vast. Ranging from animated videos to adding customer testimonials, the authenticity of a brand’s presence, identity and offerings is easily justified through the power of video. Now if you think video marketing is the right type of marketing for you, here are the following different types of videos you can utilize for your video marketing campaign.

Video Live Streaming

Live streaming has gained popularity across video streaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. Every brand or organization has a culture of its own, which can only be showcased in the form of webinars or live videos. Choose a platform where you believe your target audience could be mostly present. That way those who want to associate with your company or even if they want to be employed there can know the workplace culture and everything that correlates to it.

Personal Messages

By giving suggestions or sharing experiences about a particular event, service or even a product, you are able to capture the attention of those who were seeking the same answers you talked about. This video type encompasses the notion of personal messages. These messages could entirely be your own opinions or recommendations. By sharing what you think, you are able to build a bond or association with your target or potential customers. This video type can be a bit tricky in video marketing but if used correctly, it can do wonders.

Animated Videos

The easiest possible way to shape a video marketing campaign is by using animated videos. Any animation production company can help you with the production of an animated video or visual that you can use across multiple platforms and channels. Both websites and social media platforms have greatly benefited with the emergence of animated videos and their inclusion in video marketing. You can never run out of the existing video animation types as each type is meant to fit along with a particular message and for a particular target audience.

How-To Videos

You do not have to own an eLearning website to create educational or how-to videos. Your brand could be selling or representing anything but if you create a video where you explain how to use a specific product or how to avail a certain service then it will bring an increment in user engagement as well as user traffic towards your brand or organization. Both the marketing and sales team can rely on how-to videos and keep on helping customers with the queries they have. That way the notion of marketing, improving customer experience, satisfaction and engagement will be fulfilled at once.

Demo Videos

Demo videos are not a lot like How-To videos but follow a somewhat similar concept. In a demo video, your audience will be able to learn how the product they have purchased works and it is required for it to be a product, not a service. With an easy visual and animated explanation, your audience will know every intricate detail about how the products they have bought function without having to look at the instruction manual.

Event Videos

Now, this might sound like an odd one to most people but creating an event video has the potential to capture the attention of your customers and make them understand the genuineness of your brand. Suppose, you have organized a fundraising program as an event and if you do not live stream it then your customers would not be able to view a side of your company that focuses on humanitarian aspects. Keep your audience updated with the prior, latest and upcoming events so they can associate with you better.


In order to shape your video marketing campaign, you need more than the video type you are going to use but that is the initial phase of the video production process. Each video type has a message to convey and a particular reason behind its use. So, you first have to know why you chose to use an animated video or if an event video of the upcoming events at your workplace is going to ignite more customer engagement or interaction or not. First, make sure you have sorted out your video marketing needs, reasons, and requirements and only then proceed with its creation.

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