DisplayPort Cables: An Important Accessory for Every Setup

DisplayPort Cables: An Important Accessory for Every Setup

When it comes to computer cables, what comes to mind is power cables, Displayport cables, HDMI cables, AUX cables, etc. One of the important cables in this list is the DisplayPort cable. Let's talk about that. DisplayPort has been a popular choice for computers, whereas HDMI has been popular for televisions. So, why has the DisplayPort cable been a crucial computer cable for so many years?

The new DisplayPort standard, 2.0 is here and set to come to devices in 2020. It brings with it speed in data transmission and some new benefits. According to VESA, the organization that makes the display standard, "DisplayPort 2.0 enables up to 3X increase in video bandwidth performance (max payload of 77.37 Gbps); new built-in features enable improved user experience, greater flexibility, and improved power efficiency."

If you are a video content creator, a motion graphic designer or a video editor, you know you need the best set up out there. It is an investment in your profession. But as display standards evolve, having the best monitor is not the only most important element of your set up.

The cables you use are just as important as the monitor.

Primarily, your CPU and GPU are important if you are handling any level of video manipulation. So, whether you have a desktop computer or a laptop, its guts need to be powerful enough to handle the display. You can also have a laptop driven external display setup.

  • Desktop Computer Setup

If you are someone who is starting out in this line of work, you can go for a desktop setup. This gives you the flexibility to compromise on a battery-powered laptop. At the same time, you get to choose each component separately, the perfect keyboard, the most ergonomic mouse, and the monitor you want. Since you can choose your connectivity options, a DisplayPort cable is your best option if you want to have more than one monitor.

  • Portable Editing Studio

If you are always on the go and want to push out content from anywhere, you need a powerful, but lightweight laptop to carry around. This laptop should have a crisp display, support high resolution, a beefy processor and a responsive trackpad. Putting out content on the go should not mean you compromise on the quality.

  • Dynamic Studio

If you are display nerd, you will want all possible options to make sure your content always looks great, no matter what tools you use. You can shoot with the best cameras, use top-notch software for graphic designing and powerful editing tools. Even if you work on a laptop, you can connect it to an external display via a DisplayPort cable to watch the editing output on a better screen.

When you are in such a field, you can control the tools you use, but you can't control the tools that your audience or your clients use to consume your content. On top of that, there is no shortage of video content creators, animators, and graphic designers, so you have to put your own signature out in your work.

Test your content using various computer cables and a range of inexpensive to high-end displays. This can give you a good insight into the kind of modifications you can make to deliver the best quality.

Set up your workstation and your travel gear with a special place for everything so you can find the right thing at the right time for an optimized workflow. Keep a check on cables and displays and upgrade them when new versions and standards come in for maximum compatibility.

It is not just important to have great pieces of your gadgets; it is more important that all of them work well together to give you the best results

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