DIY Project- How to Install Stairs Glass Railing

DIY Project- How to Install Stairs Glass Railing

The use of glass rails on staircases has become so popular, as every homeowner wants to try something unique in his interior with glass and mirrors. Traditional old staircases are gradually phasing out and that's because of the disadvantages attached. Some of these disadvantages are difficulty in maintenance, the inability of natural light coming into the home and many others. But in all of this, not too many people have been able to change their old staircases. The very reason is that the cost of purchase and installing glass rails on stairs is still very high.


  • Do you know stairs glass railing installation is possible with a DIY (Do It Yourself) process?
  • Do you also know that this process will save you lots of money?
  • Do you also know they are made of TEMPERED GLASS?

Here in this article, we shall be looking at practical steps that can be taken in applying the DIY (Do It Yourself) process. It will also further prepare the minds of its readers on both the pre and post installation of stairs glass railings.


Installing GLASS RAILING on stairs can be a DIY project when one is equipped with the right knowledge. Acquiring this knowledge won't be as tough as one project if only the right approach is taken. Below is a guide to guide the working step:

Step 1: Check For Availability of Materials- Before installation check to make sure all the materials needed for a successful installation are in place.

Step 2: Posts Installation- Place all posts in their RCB holes with each post facing the next. The spacing of each post should not be more than 4-5 feet. Then make use of a plump to check that the posts are in line.

Step 3: Posts Anchoring: Make use of gasket that is under the base plate, then place posts in gasket and use screws with button washers and caps to tighten up. For the posts to firmly hold tight use a bracket with screws to further tighten the posts.

Step 4: Rails Installation: cut an actual rail length and place it on top of the posts. Allow it seat properly on the posts.

Step 5: Cut the rail top at a degree of 90 and put it at the center of the post. Thereafter, use a splice plate with screws to tighten up the rail ends.

Step 6: Cut the corners of the rail top and then also use another splice plate to connect and add more strength to the joint. Put the rails on each post and make use of screws to penetrate the rail into the middle of the posts.

Step 7: Install End Plates: Look out for any part of the railing end that is not covered properly, and then use end plates to cover up the exposed areas.

Step 8: Cut The Top and Bottom of The Rails: Cut the bottom rail according to how you have measured each post. Use vinyl inserts proper fitting.

Step 9: Cut and Install the Glass Panels: Measure and cut the glass panels to size as they will fit in properly. Before installing, lubricate the slides properly. Also, lubricate the top and bottom of the glass sides. Then gradually push the panel into the upper vinyl. Make sure the glass panels are seated firmly.


Stairs glass rails need regular maintenance after installation. Maintaining them will help to give the stairs more elegance and attractive appearance. Below are some of the ways they can be maintained:

1. Regularly Clean The Glass: Maintaining the glass properly requires a continuous cleaning of the glass. This should be done with the use of a soft cloth soaked in warm water. In a case where your schedule becomes tight employ a helping hand.

2. Clean the Glass Corners: with the use of the same cleaning items, make sure all the corners and edges are cleaned as well. This is because dirt and dust have a way of hiding in such places.

3. Clean the Glass Stairs Rails: The rails are another part that should not be overlooked. Most times if not checked properly one wouldn't be able to tell when the glass rail is dirty. As a result, when cleaning the glass rails shouldn't be excluded.


Installing GLASS RAILING on your staircase attracts so many benefits. These benefits are what a homeowner derives after the installation. Some of these benefits are as follows:

• Instant Brightness: Opting to have chosen glass rails for your staircase would help to bring natural light into your hallway.

• Improves Home Appearance: Installation of glass rails on stairs transforms of a less attractive home to an elegant and appealing one.

• Lasts Longer Than Others: One of the materials used in making stairs glass railing is TEMPERED GLASS. This glass helps in the longevity and safety of the glass.


There is no harm in trying as an experience they say is a teacher. For those who are still scared of giving this a short, a trial wouldn’t hurt that much. I would advise you try the DIY method as that is how to know if you have learned my process.

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