Do You Require Digital Or Offset Printing For Your Custom Boxes?

Do You Require Digital Or Offset Printing For Your Custom Boxes?

Different products have different boxing needs. The one size fits all policy could not be more untrue when it comes to product packaging and retailing. The same can be said with customisation too. Depending on the need for what aesthetics one may want and their budget, different printing options are available. To incorporate print on your custom boxes, the most popular methods are digital and offset printing.

While the outcome is print with both methods, the results and the process are quite different. Let us explore the two options briefly.

Offset Printing:

Since this process has been around for longer and more widely used, let us take a look at this first.

The Process:

Also known as lithography, offset printing has been around since the 19th century. The process of this publishing method entails the usage of metal plates. With the help of a printer, the image or text to be printed is burned on these metal plates. The metal plates then transfer the image onto rubber blankets, shaped like rolls. From the rubber blankets, the image is finally printed onto the paper.

Why it Is Preferred:

Offset is the printing method preferred by most people who are looking to buy custom boxes with print in wholesale. With offset, the setup charge is a bit higher than digital printing and it requires a little time to set the whole machinery up. But once the machine is set, lithography is the way to go if your printing need is high. If you require 1000 pieces or more, at the end of the day this procedure would be more cost-effective.

Another benefit that has people opt for lithography is vivid colours. With CMYK colours used, the colours that end up on paper are vivid, real to life and visually more appealing. Once the machine is set up accurately, there is little to no room for error.

Digital Printing:

The modern way of printing comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. If you require custom boxes in wholesale, but your printing requirement is not much, for example, 400-500 pieces only, digital printing is the way to go. Unlike the offset method, digital printing is great for small orders.

Why It Is Preferred:

The digital printing method is great for orders that need to be processed quickly and are small in quantity. When compared to offset the setup cost or the time required is not much. Furthermore, since this is primarily used for small orders, it also gives the customers the option of customising each box. For example, if a set of boxes need different serial numbers on them, digital printing can take care of that whereas this would have been impossible with offset machinery.

The Drawback:

The one drawback that digital printing puts forth is its inferior printing quality. Where offset printing transfers vivid, precise and crisp colours, the result with digital printing is not the best. While a layman may not be able to tell the difference, to a professional, it may seem quite obvious.

If you are looking to get custom boxes with print, we hope the above information may have helped you in deciding what printing option to go with. It is imperative to not only keep heed of the aesthetics but stick to your budget as well. Need a recommendation? Print Custom Boxes is one of the best packaging companies in the UK. with minimum orders starting from 50 pieces only they can cater to any packaging needs that you may have. Big or small, Print Custom Boxes has got your back.

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