E-Commerce Web & App Design: What to Focus On?

E-Commerce Web & App Design: What to Focus On?

A good web/App design for an e-commerce platform ensures that the users experience comfortable and hassle-free navigation. E-commerce websites and Apps are different from the usual websites in the sense that they are like shops selling products or services.

When we say a ‘good e-commerce website/App design’ we imply that it is optimized for search engines and integrates a simple and easy online payment mechanism. It provides all the important information and details about the products offered and most importantly, it possesses user-friendly navigation.

A winning e-commerce web/App design makes it easy for buyers to move from one product to another. Therefore, you need to make sure that the buyer has the option of adding and deleting items easily. Moreover, you also need to make their shopping experience easy and more user-friendly.

The various tips that you need to follow while getting an e-commerce website/App designed are:

Ecommerce Website Design Tips for Improving Sales

1. Creative and Attractive Web Design

The user takes only a few seconds to decide whether he wants to keep surfing a particular website or not. You have to grab these precious seconds to drag their awareness to your website. The market is very competitive in this area and you have to beat all of them.

Thus, it is important to get a creative and attractive website designed to get quality traffic from the website.

2. User-Friendly Site Navigation:

Website navigation is the most important factor that should be achieved by a good website design. Your website should have a good architecture with easy navigation keys so that it could improve the search process for the users. When your site will have user-friendly navigation then the buyer may revisit your site in the future too.

3. Pay Attention to Customers:

The major aspect of such a design requires you to pay special attention to your customers. Customers who visit your website want to find what they are looking for without too much confusion or bother. One design tip that can benefit your business is highlighting a few of your products with a basic flash introduction.

You can also display some related items according to their browsing history or their previously searched items which could make them buy the products they didn’t consider in the first go.

Ecommerce App Design Tips for Improving Sales

Now, coming to eCommerce App Design, here are key tips to follow:

1. The Three-Tap Rule

Whether you are building a grocery delivery App or an online fashion store, don’t forget the three-tap rule. It means that your potential shoppers don’t need to make more than 3 taps from them to buy the product. The flow of the e-commerce site needs to commence with categories, then subcategories, and finally products to make a purchase. Your grocery App development agency should include the search bar — it is an essential component of UX design — but, it must directly land your shoppers to the product they’re in search of.

2. Stick to the Minimalist Design

The simpler the interface of the App, the more likely your potential buyer will find the product and end up purchasing them. Stay clear of UI junk, otherwise, you’ll have leads, but no sales. When designing the app, think about the first-time users, so it should be complicated to use. The interfaces have to be intuitively understandable. Use a simple color scheme, the best option is an analogous or monochromatic scheme.

3. Consistency

When designing an eCommerce App, consistency is imperative. The products, categories, sub-categories must be displayed consistently. ‘The consistency should be in terms of color schemes, and buttons, and typefaces. The interactive elements such as navigation elements or buttons must work the same on different sizes. And, ultimately, all the products on your App or website should have similar design patterns.


The only aim of an e-commerce website is to engage the customers and improve the conversion rate.

This is possible only if the users get an unmatchable online experience including browsing, adding products to cart, deleting products or re-adding them, signing up, getting OTPs, secure payments, quick return policies, easy replacements, and much more.

All this has to be properly set up with an exceptional website design that will ultimately highlight the value of the products and your brand subsequently. And, finally research well to zero down on a trustworthy development agency offering customized eCommerce Solutions to give your retail business an online opportunity to increase sales.

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