Easy Solutions For Solving Common Hosting Issues

Easy Solutions For Solving Common Hosting Issues

The activity or business of providing storage space and access for websites, an online storage center that houses the information, images, video and other content that comprises your website, web hosting service, providers use to maintain and update the data which will be used, they also manage to connect your website with the internet.

Hosting Issues Anheir Solutid Tons:

  • Dealing with downtimes / VPS hosting
  • Increasing Bandwidth
  • Account log in error
  • Database connection error

Dealing With Downtimes / VPS Hosting:

If you’ have a reseller hosting or Windows VPS SSD hostingaccount from a reliable firm, you should also be prepared for downtimes! You take a reseller account and customer don’t know about it that you don’t have the required infrastructure, so the last thing that you want is your customers to realize that your company can’t handle such adverse situations.

Increasing Bandwidth;

When you try to increase the capacity of your bandwidth, usually you face problems like downtime which is not acceptable by anyone, so you can overcome this problem if you have a solid plane and good back-up service then you should be able to complete the upgrade process effortlessly. The most important thing to remember is that you must be prepared for accommodating unusually high bandwidth requirements at all points of time if you don’t want to lose credibility and annoy customers.

Account Log In Error;

One of the first questions a new web hosting customer has after sign-up us “how do I log in to my account?”, This question can be categorized into two parts 1) where do I log in?,2) which information should I use to log in?

Most of the web hosts send a complete go through the information to your email which is provided to them, usually if you face any problem regarding your account log in so you can check your email so that you can find the answer to your question if this does not resolve the issue then you can ask from your providers to help you out with it.

Database Connection Error;

Database error is one of the most common problems that anyone can face, At first, you have to check the wp-config setting. You need to confirm that the information in your wp-config.php file is correct. You should recheck at the username, password, and hostname fields, if anything is incorrect there, update.save and then check your site.

There are typically few reasons that lead to database connection error if there’s a noted database connection error, but everything looks fine in the wp-config, one thing that can happen is, the provider may have taken it upon themselves to temporarily disable your database due to excessive use of some other contractual infringement, so you have to knock to your providers to make sure of the incident.


A web hosting issue can occur due to many reasons it can be easily resolved by just looking the basic information you have entered in your data entry fields and checking to the server connection or knocking the doors or your providers

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