Enhance your Customer Journey with SugarCRM Survey Module

Enhance your Customer Journey with SugarCRM Survey Module

Marketing requires an understanding of customer demands and products. It requires an answer about what the customers need, how the product is doing, and many such questions. So how do you get to it? Offline, you can go for a door-to-door survey, though that is an old school trick.

For online marketing, content plays a crucial role. It somehow affects every buyer's decision. Thus, content marketers need to be well aware of the content they write to market the product/service. For this, it is essential to conduct a survey. As the survey is done manually via a digital platform, the chances of miscommunication/asking wrong questions can be high. Hence, it would benefit from having a tool like the SugarCRM survey module. It would also help you take advantage of surveys for customer nurturing.

Want to know how?

Let's walk through the buyer's journey stages and see how the right survey questions can help you drive them further.

Buyer's Journey

Before taking a final call, a buyer goes through three primary stages. The stages reflect how they get on a website, explore the products, and decide to buy one. Let's start with the first stage, i.e., awareness.

  1. Awareness

This is the stage where customers search for different answers rather than a defined approach. They need an answer to their problem but aren't sure if they should go for a specific solution. Thus, they keep exploring content like blog posts, guides, whitepapers, checklists, informational videos, and more.

This is when you can tap in, understand their pain points, and provide them with suitable content that would help address it. Ensure that the content you provide helps them solve their problem and is not a selling tact.

Suppose you have a cosmetics business and want to sell face cream. So what copy do you think your customers would be drawn to?

  1. "Do you want to buy this cream?"

  2. "Want an instant glow on your face?"

Of course, the second one. It focuses on the customer's pain point and looks like it will provide a solution to the problem. If we look at the first one, it's merely a selling question. You need to ask customers what they need and then lead them to buy.

So, while designing your survey questions, ensure customers that you are there to provide a solution rather than sell your product.

The best suggestion here would be to take help from "website intercept surveys". They provide you with real-time feedback that helps prepare the actual survey. Also, include a SugarCRM survey module. Its advanced features like Skip logic would save you a lot of time.

2. Consideration

Here, the customers have found different solutions and are looking for one suitable for them. This is where content like webinars, videos, and podcasts come in.

Webinars are, though, the preferable one during this stage. To make it successful, your survey should be a kind of quiz or puzzle.

For example,

  1. How do you think this webinar would help you?

  2. What are the pain points you want us to cover in this webinar?

Asking these questions with flair would help you provide customers the guidance for a particular solution. The pro tip to get through this stage is to ask for feedback after the webinar or the video. Having a SugarCRM survey plugin with a Net Promoter Score feature would be a good idea.

3. Decision

This is the final stage, where you can actually pitch your products. Customers have found solutions and finalized the one they would like to go for.

All you need to do here is to provide content like product demos, product comparisons, product reviews, testimonials, promotional calls, and so on. Ensure that your customers find answers to all the product related queries as the right answers would help them make a final purchase.

Talking about the CRM survey plugin, in the decision-making stage, it would help with data piping, survey templates, and advanced statistical reports. All these features would help you tune your survey in sales mode.

Try to focus on incentives, promo codes, or offers while surveying the final stage.

What's the right answer?

Preparing relevant content and sending the right surveys help in enhancing customer experience. With tools like the SugarCRM survey plugin, you can simplify the tedious tasks of conducting surveys.

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