First Time to The Philippines? 5 Things You Can Do to Ensure Safety

First Time to The Philippines? 5 Things You Can Do to Ensure Safety

Have you ever been to the Philippines before? If this is your first time to the Philippines, we would like to assure you that the Philippines is one of the most law-abiding nations on earth, but there are bad apples everywhere! With that in mind, here are top tips and recommendations to stay safe while exploring one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

  1. Don’t rely on good luck

When it comes to your safety, don't rely on good luck, rely only on your research and knowledge. Make sure that you have learned understand everything there is to stay safe in the Philippines. Understand the local laws and regulations come as well as the political situation and the destination before heading out to it. This will help me plan the itinerary better come and stay away from problem prone locations. This is particularly important if you are travelling on a motorcycle, or travelling which are family members. In both scenarios, the risk of being caught in a bad place is quite high compared to when you were travelling with experienced friends or peers, or travelling solo in a car. So instead of relying on God, good luck, or any other metaphysical things, do your research well and gather all the necessary information which will come in handy in staying safe

  1. Hold on to your documents

if you ever get into a situation where the local law enforcement officials ask for your documentations, instead of keeping out the original papers, show damn the digital records on your mobile phone come out on the iPad (or any other tablet or electronic device), rather than showing the original papers which might get damaged inadvertently, or on purpose! If the original document becomes damage at a foreign destination, there could be a lot of bad repercussions out of it - something you definitely don't want! Unless the law enforcement authority, or relevant authority asks for the original document try to hold on to it for as long as possible.

  1. Be smart about keeping the cash safe

When you are at a foreign destination, there's nothing more useful than hard, cold cash. Always insist on paying through electronic media such as credit cards and debit cards, but always keep cash on you - at least a little amount that you anticipate to be necessary during the day and to get back to the safety of the hotel room. There are a lot of mobile phone applications which can be used to pay for coffee, meals, fares and everything else in the Philippines - but you will also find people who will not accept anything other than cash. Keep a fair amount of cash with you, distributed in different places all around the motorcycle luggage boxes, backpacks, and everything else that you carry with you so that even if the cash from one spot gets lost (or robbed!), you always have a little bit somewhere to rely upon.

  1. Follow the local laws

People arriving from porn destinations often get on the wrong side of the law and find themselves in difficult situations. It is highly recommended that you always stay on the right side after law and follow all the local rules and regulations today later. If you are riding a motorcycle command sure that you are wearing premium helmets at all time irrespective of the distance you intend to cover. Keep all the ownership documentation, in international driving license with you if you are arriving from a different country. If you have a billion rider with you, he or she must also be wearing a premium helmet according to the road safety laws of the Philippines.

  1. Keep an open mind, but trust nobody on crucial matters

while exploring a foreign destination, the best way to take in all the uniqueness of the places to keep an open mind, but never given completely to new concepts, or new ideas that you are not completely sure of. At times, you might have to take important decisions that are crucial for your own safety, health and wellness. In those matters, take the opinion of learned people, but always make your own decision.

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