Flying with Diabetes is No Longer a Great Challenge

Flying with Diabetes is No Longer a Great Challenge

Approximately 3.5 million people in the UK are facing any diabetic problem, according to a survey. 10% of the adults are already suffering from type-1 diabetes, while 31,500 children are also having diabetic type 1.

  • Diabetes Type 1

If the insulin producing cells in the human body are destroyed, the person suffers from diabetic stage 1. Due to the absence of such cells, the body cannot produce insulin required for the body functions.

  • Diabetes Type 2

The diabetic stage is labelled as 2 when the insulin that is produced by the body is unable to function properly.

  • Travelling with Diabetic Issue

Diabetes should no longer be considered as a barrier to travel. Those who are suffering from diabetic type 1 and 2 can easily travel around without getting worried about their health. You have to make the necessary arrangements and preparations before you travel to minimize the health risks during your travel.

Being a diabetic patient, it must be your utmost preference to make yourself as much relaxed as possible. Make sure to make arrangement for your airport car parking in advance to give the stress-free beginning of your travel. Compare cheap airport parking deals from our trustworthy parking service operators and book the parking space according to your need.

When travelling alone, inform the staff about your certain health conditions so that they can see you and provide medical assistance in case of an emergency situation during the flight.

Keep a note of following tips before the beginning of your journey while having a diabetic problem:

  • Make sure to get a diabetic ID and a permission letter from your doctor mentioning that he is allowing you to travel with diabetes and the medication that you will be required during the trip, so that no objection is being raised in case you are carrying insulin and other injectable medicines with you.
  • Bring double the quantity of medicine you normally carry with you during your trip
  • Make online research to get yourself acquainted with the places at the destination where you can get the diabetic medicines and insulin supply in case of a sudden emergency.
  • If your travelling destination is part of the European Union, then you must apply for the free European Health Insurance Card (EUIC) so that you can get easy access to health care in the country you are planning to travel

  • Travel Packing

  • Keep your diabetic supplies packed in separate bags
  • Make sure to carry a few medicines and injection in hand luggage so that you have some supply even if your baggage is lost for a little time.
  • Do not forget to get some extra snacks with you to deal any delays in the flight or stay at the airport
  • Pack your medicines and equipments properly
  • Ask your doctor to provide you the letter to keep it as a proof in case you are carrying syringes and insulin with you.
  • Airport security doesn’t instruct any limitations with the quantity of the tablets you can carry with you during travel. But you need to show them the documented permission from your doctor or a prescription from him for authentication

The diabetic patient can take a diet similar to a normal healthy person. If you are suffering from diabetes, you can select your food from the normal menu during your travel. The ideal thing is to order a standard meal, although you may not be able to get enough carbohydrates along with insulin or diabetic tablet. You can ask the cabin crew to give you fruits or crackers so that you can increase carbohydrate intake.

During the long-hauled flight, you should take a snack between your meals and before bedtime to ensure that your blood glucose level is not lowered to threat level. Make sure to carry some carbohydrate-rich foods in the form of fruity buns, biscuits of snacks in your hand luggage. If you are on insulin, check your gluco ase level in blood at regular intervals and make changes in your dosage if needed.

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