Four Easy Ways to Redesign Old Appliances

Four Easy Ways to Redesign Old Appliances

When remodeling your kitchen, sometimes it is essential to replace the appliances to have them complement the new look of the room. However, buying new appliances is costly and can take up large portion of your budget. To reduce your expenses, consider remodeling your old appliances to give them a fresh look to complement your new kitchen design.

Remodeling your current appliances is fun especially when you do it with your family. It allows you to save money and gives you a lot of options to beautify your kitchen. Before starting to remodel your old appliances, check each of them first to know which ones that needs immediate replacement. When you know which ones to retain, consider the following tips below on how to redesign old appliances.

  1. Look for replacement parts. Is your stainless steel refrigerator not matching your new wall paper? Check the manufacturer for replacement parts that complement the look of the room. If you can’t find your desired color on the manufacturer’s available replacement parts, there are also stores that customize appliance parts to match your needs. Replace the door, handle, or knobs to match the color scheme you are aiming to achieve on your kitchen.

  1. Re-paint appliances. There are special formulated paints for metal surfaces which has extra-wear and tear protection that is perfect for appliances. You can use brush or spray to change the color of your current appliance. Paints give you varieties of color options including gloss and matte finish. When using appliance paints, make sure to get the right type of paint for the appliance. For instance, choose high heat resistant paints for cookers and use moisture resistant paints for appliances in the kitchen.

  1. Use stainless steel films. If you’re planning to have an industrial or any metallic theme in your kitchen then this is the best option for you. They are easy to use and has an authentic look that makes appliances look brand new. Stainless steel films have better heat tolerance than paints so they work great for ovens, coffee makers, and stoves. This method makes any appliances look bright and attractive.

  1. Consider adhesive vinyl. Add more fun and style to your kitchen with adhesive vinyl. They are affordable and easy to use. They come in wide selection of colors, prints, and patterns allowing you to choose the best design for your kitchen.

Aside from the four tips that I’ve shared above, you can also install wooden panels to integrate appliances into your new kitchen design. Hide your large appliances such as the refrigerator and dishwasher behind a wooden panel that looks just like the rest of your kitchen. These are easy to install and cheaper than buying new appliances.

I hope you find these tips helpful and apply it on your next kitchen remodeling project.

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