Glance At the Divorce Process

 Glance At the Divorce Process

The necessary steps for obtaining any divorce will be dependent on the particulars of your relationship, including if you have a shared business with your spouse, or if you two share any children. The question of if both parties are seeking the divorce will also determine the ease at which they are granted that divorce. A partner not wanting the divorce might respond in a way that allows them to prolong the process. If a couple can both agree to the divorce then Cleveland Divorce Lawyers can easily and quickly follow the divorce process. This also applies to the agreement process because if a couple is bogged down with fighting and disagreements over everything, the process will be much slower.

Petition for Divorce

To start the divorce process one of the spouses must file a petition. Petition vary from state to state. Some states will consider fault grounds for divorce, such as adultery or abandonment. Your family law attorney will be able to advise you on if fault grounds are available in your state, and if so, whether or not it makes sense to file for divorce on fault grounds.

Temporary Orders for Support and Custody

If one spouse is seeking financial support or custody of children, that spouse will need to ask the court for temporary orders for support and custody. A temporary order is usually granted within a few days of the initial petition. It remains in effect until the full divorce court hearing.

Proof of Service and Response

When a party files for divorce they also need to file for a proof of service of process. This document proves that a copy of the divorce petition was given to the other party. This can be done through a process server, or by a lawyer. If the parties agree on the divorce, it is best for the party who files the complaint to arrange for service of process to the other party’s attorney. Once the party receives the service of the process they will need to file a response to the petition. Additionally, if the party disagrees with property division, support, custody, or any other issue, this should be set out in the response.


When two divorcing spouses disagree on issues they must come to an agreement that settles their differences. Often this is done through mediation. During this the process every aspect of a marriage is resolved: (You can hire Child Custody Lawyer in Ohio) child custody and visitation, child support, property division, and any spousal support. Working with a mediation lawyer can help you receive the settlement you are seeking when it comes to dissolving your marriage. Any issues left undecided during the mediation process will have to be decided at a trial.

Order of Dissolution

Once everything is decided upon an order of dissolution is set forth. This document spells out how the property and debts are to be divided, what child custody and visitation schedule are, what support payments need to be paid, and any other issues. If the parties can negotiate their resolution to all of the issues, their Bankruptcy Lawyers Akron Ohio will draft the order of dissolution and submit it to the court. If the Order of Dissolution complies with legal requirements and both parties entered into it knowingly and willingly and can attest to it, then the judge approves it.


Divorce, a process of the end of the house violence. So, in this blog, we have shared the complete process of divorce if you have any query in your mind then feel free to ask us by commenting on the comment section.

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