Gojek Clone Script - AI Powered On-Demand Multi Service App | Service Joy

Gojek Clone Script - AI Powered On-Demand Multi Service App | Service Joy

What is a GoJek app :

GoJek is an application which is an all inclusive on-demand service provider platform which originates from Indonesia. It competes with the top players like Uber in this industry.

Why do you need a GoJek clone app :

If you are in the service industry like ride share rentals, delivery partner for online businesses, other professional service providing business and so on, you will require a web based platform integrated to your business to reach clients across the globe.

Advantages of a Gojek clone script :

GoJek Clone script seamlessly combines about fifty plus services in a single app. This can be customised according to the requirements of the client and depending upon the usage of the app and its products. Hence your on demand multi service platform can be designed using this script.

Check out Spark Out Tech for your version of the clone apps :

The SparkOut Tech team is a group of young enthusiasts who have nailed a fully functional, ready to deliver and launch GoJek clone script with an obvious price point advantage in the market. This app can be customised according to your specific requirements. The tech team will be available anytime later for further assistance and scaling of the script.

Here is the link where you can see a free demo : Gojek Clone - Servicejoy

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