Guidance on how to start an Accounting Career in Pune

Guidance on how to start an Accounting Career in Pune

Are you looking for a career in accounting? There are many Accountant Jobs in Pune available for accountants and those with accounting degrees. Read on to acquire more about how to become an accountant.
The main abilities that you need to become an accountant are strong mathematical abilities and the ability to think analytically. The thought of evolving strong math skills tends to scare off many people who would be able to be good accountants. While you do have to be decent at math, you do not have to be good at advanced and difficult math.

Apart from the above level if you want to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) below are the competences
1. CPAs must have taken a four-year accounting course (or an equal number of units) or program that is renowned to qualify for licensure examinations from the state you wish to be licensed in.
2. You require several years' experience working as an accountant before being able to take a licensure exam. The number of years needed relying on that state where you wish to obtain a license.
3. You will then need to clear the licensure exam.
4. Once a CPA, you'll be required to take the Continuing Professional Educational (CPE) courses to keep efficient on developments within your profession.
5. CPAs generally get a higher salary than accountants, and those who get into accounting programs usually have set receiving a CPA licensure within their sights.
6. Once you have acquired your licensure, you can opt to join the government, an accounting firm or open a firm of your own.

The main roles and responsibility of an accountant
The main job duty of an accountant is to make certain the businesses and individuals abide by the finance rules (as set up by the state), keep financial records in order and pay taxes in time. Though this is an easy job description that anyone can think of while talking about the responsibilities of an accountant, the liabilities may vary from one job position to another.
If you want to identify what an accountant does, you should know about the different types of accounting positions. Dependent on your career interests, ability and skills, you can choose a relevant career path.

Public Accountant
A public accountant works for an extensive range of clients - corporations, government organizations, non-profit organizations, individuals. While working for a client, public accountant’s guide them on the merits and demerits of business decisions. They guide clients on how to file tax returns correctly. Public accountants' job duties may also include the development of accounting processing systems.

Government Accountants
As the job title recommends, these types of accountants appointed for the government firms. They make sure that businesses stand by the rules and regulations established by the government. They audit accounts for both individuals as well as private businesses. They see to it that incomes are received appropriately and in time.

Management Accountant
These accountants work for private companies. Their main job responsibility is to examine financial information to help organizations make effective business decisions. They play a critical role in the overall strategic planning of a business. Generally, they work as part of a team of executives.

Internal Auditor Accountant
Those who work as an internal auditor accountant are accountable for auditing internal financial records of companies. They make sure that all the internal financial proceedings of an organization are in the appropriate order. They see to it that the financial structure of the company is not lying to frauds. These accountants may also examine the day-to-day operations of an organization.

Accounting job profile. You can choose from the following:

  • Public Accountant. Performs a wide variety of accounting services for companies and private entities, usually on tax, auditing, and the like.
  • Forensic Accountants. They examine complex financial transactions and even interpret bankruptcies.
  • Management Accountants. These are the accountants that work within businesses by recording, studying, budgeting and by managing the corporation's assets and costs.
  • Public Sector Accountants. Accountants who work for the government and inspect and audit government agencies and objects who have activities subject to government rules and taxation.
  • Consultant. These accountants provide advice when it comes to employee health care welfares, designs in accounting processing systems.

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