Guide to Timely Maintain and Clean Your Freezers

Guide to Timely Maintain and Clean Your Freezers

The food business is quite successful in the 21st century. The taste and quality are what makes your restaurant stand out of the crowd. The quality of food always comes from the commercial kitchen. Commercial kitchens are always equipped with all essential equipment to need for a business. Every kitchen always relies on their freezers and refrigerators. The top best refrigerators use in a commercial kitchen are

  • A commercial fridge that store fresh foods effectively
  • Blast chillers that help food to stay fresh and bacteria free
  • Display freezers that maintain the serving temperature and keeps the food safe.

All freezers need maintenance to work effectively. The freezers are the most critical elements that cost more than any other appliance. The safety and maintenance enable your freezers to work efficiently and increase the lifespan of your expensive appliance. This blog will provide complete knowledge of the maintenance and cleaning of your freezers.

How to Clean & Maintain Your Refrigerator Effectively

Cleaning and maintaining a freezer isn’t a cup of tea for everyone. Many people neglect this important element that can boost the productivity of their freezers. While cleaning the freezers you need to know the following points that will help you to maintain your freezers effectively.

Placement of Freezer

Freezers cannot be placed in an unstable temperature. The temperature should be stable to avoid any malfunctioning. Many times people place their freezers in a small space that could create a problem for them in future. The condenser of a freezer emits heat that needs airflow. Your freezer will only live a long life if the air can flow between the condenser and refrigeration units.

Clean Coils & Fan Blades

Fan blades and coils should be clean on a monthly basis. Coils and fan blades are the most sensitive parts of your freezer that needs to be clean carefully without damaging any one of them. Your system will work overtime if the coils are dirty. The dirty fan blades can also damage the internal units such as fan motor which will work harder to rotate the blades. While cleaning fan blades and coils always check the screws whether they are tight or not.

Clean Interior of Freezer

Once or twice a week you need to clean the interior of your freezer. The right sanitizers will help you to clean your fridge effectively. Usually, It happens that the expired foods are still kept in the freezers that only occupy the space but also be a reason for food poisoning. To avoid such issues, you need to check your freezer every week. Always remove the unnecessary items kept in the doors to free the space. The cooling temperature always needs to check after cleaning the interior of the freezer.

Keep The Acidic Food Covered

Many people or business owners neglect this part and always keeps the food in an open container. The acidic foods such as pickles and tomatoes could be a great threat to your refrigeration line. The acid that is spread due to the lack of proper cover directly hits the refrigerant line. The effects could be seen after some months or years. It’s better to put all your food items in a transparent food box.

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