Hardwood Floors Trend In 2019: Yes Or No?

Hardwood Floors Trend In 2019: Yes Or No?

So many years and hardwood floors continue to grow more and more popular. So far, no better flooring option has been invented for homes. As soon as the hardwood flooring was introduced, lots of similar products mimicking their looks followed in the market. Some of these things include porcelain tile, vinyl planks and other different types of products.

The second decade of 21st century is closing and the hardwood floor trends 2019 are a thing! Want to know what might be these trends? Read on!

Wide Hardwood Flooring

The last decade has seen homeowners become funky and wide with their hardwood flooring. This wide hardwood trends includes planks as wide as 7 inches! You read that right. Its 7 inches. The outcome is admittedly trendy and incredible.

This trend is making a huge comeback in 2019! These wider planks improve the looks of your space by making it appear bigger and more spacious. If that’s what your aim is, go for it!

Mixed Width Wood Floor

Mixed width floors are a great choice for those who wish to make a statement with their floors. A lot of people have been going for them lately. It just doesn’t stop here. These type of floorings were basically created to make use of all the cut trees in an efficient manner. It was intended to save waste. In addition to this, this flooring gives you an authentic and natural feel. Also, a mixed width floor is fairly pro-environment.

A New Era For Grey

Grey refinishing are turning up fast that will provide you hardwood with a fresh, clean and modern look on traditional hardwood flooring. Despite being one of the hottest trending hardwood colors in 2019, grey is not always the easiest to make. For this reason, it is very important that you take the time and conduct research quality flooring professionals that have specialty in dealing with grey hardwood floors.

White Wash

White washing is back! The trend is making a huge revival that can be seen from your jeans to the floors! However, there definitely have been some upgrades compared to what it was in the 80s. To some extent, this trend is an extreme one. But it’s a really great choice for those who prefer something ‘different’ like ‘beachy’ vibe. The flooring offers a versatile and classier look but may also be edgy at times.

Environment Friendly Designs

Since our environment is under threat, people are becoming more conscious to this problem. Fortunately, there are a lot of pro-environment options available. You can use polyurethanes sealing or finishing on your hardwood floors to get a natural feel. Also the use of such oils as soy, hemp, sunflower combined with certain resin waxes can have incredibly positive impact on the environment while improving your floor’s durability with a duller finish.

Wire Brushing

It is a relatively modern technique. Wire brushing is exactly what it sounds like. There is a wire brush that gets brushed over the over enhancing its natural appeal. It also exposes certain growth rings because of which it becomes easier to conceal any damages. Isn’t it a cool thing to have?

Finish On Site

It’s become a popular trend in 2019. On-site pre-finishing gives clean floors a more seamless look compared to other types of flooring options that may leave streaks, stripes and drips from the wood stains.

Hiring a quality hardwood floor installation professional is the best solution to all types of flooring problems. They will not only give you better ideas but they can also help you manage installation in a timely manner.

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