How a full arch dental implant treatment is planned

How a full arch dental implant treatment is planned

Every mouth is different, and therefore every set of full arch dental implants needs to be designed and planned in a unique way. This kind of dental treatment is extremely specialised - there are only a handful of professionals in the country who have a main focus on full denture implants. If you’re looking for denture alternatives and think that a full mouth of dental implants could be the right route for you, it’s vital to ensure the dentist you visit is experienced, professional and plans their treatment thoroughly.

The Start of the Process

This kind of surgery is a complex and serious dental procedure. For this reason, you should expect any journey towards getting full arch dental implants to start with a thorough consultation. This is as much for your own benefit as it is for the dentists’. You need to be completely sure they have the expertise to carry out full denture implants of the highest quality, and trust in them as a person. The treatment can realistically change your life for the better, so the relationship between the patient and the dentist needs to be right.

In an initial meeting with a dentist, you should expect to discuss the reasons you are searching for denture alternatives. It could be anything from building your confidence to being able to eat comfortably without worrying about hurting your teeth. They’ll want to hear about your ultimate goals and the things that will make you happy with your treatment. All this will help your dentist determine how to plan the surgery.

The Planning of the Treatment

To plan the placement of full arch dental implants professionally, it’s important to think about the efficiency but also the patient and their comfort. A treatment should be as minimally invasive as possible. The process of getting full denture implants can be surprisingly quick - it is sometimes referred to as ‘teeth in a day’. In order for the procedure to be fast and smooth for the patient, the planning needs to be impeccable.

If your chosen dentist has the right equipment, they will take an accurate 3D scan of your jawbone, which will help them to determine the most suitable position for your full arch dental implants. This kind of state-of-the-art equipment is often found at dental practices that also have dental laboratories. The easier it is for your chosen dentist to have access to high-tech equipment, the better.

Once the scans are taken and analysed, your dentist will look at various images of your face from different angles so they can ensure that the new smile they are creating will properly fit with your face. That’s one of the great things about this kind of treatment - it is completely designed around each individual patient.

For the highest levels of accuracy, some professionals will use special surgical guides which need to be prepared before the surgery. These guides are attached to the patient’s mouth, and they need to fit perfectly. They allow the implants to be fitted accurately in a way that is predetermined using special software. When you’re looking for denture alternatives that will really last and change your life, you should make sure your dentist is using this kind of equipment or similar.

A Word of Advice

If you are considering getting a full implant treatment, make sure to do your research before you commit to a particular dentist. It is an advanced procedure, so you should make sure your dentist is fully qualified and has plenty of experience.

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