Business cards look professional, set you apart from others, and help in networking through the business. Best designs, visible printing, and right-size are integral features of an effective business card.

Business cards typically bear business information about the company or the individual it belongs to. These cards are exchanged during the formal introduction, meetings, business conferences, and expos. A standard business card is printed on card stock. Colors, printing, designs, amount of information, and other details on these cards vary according to the organizational or cultural norms and personal preferences.

Every business, organization, and company needs some medium to spread their name or do communication with other companies to grow. It provides other individuals and companies easy access to contact and additional information.

Although they can be made in any shape and size standard business cards are made of stock paper in 3.5 inches by 2 inches in dimension. This size easily fits into the card slots and wallets.

Origin of business cards

Business card dates back to the 15th century, originated in China. These were used as a visiting card that is used for calling purposes. It was introduced in Europe in the 17th century and started using it for business purposes as there were no newspaper and media.

How business cards impact an organization?

In a digital world, most of the companies use digital means to do all of the networking, but it is essential to have an old school business card as it helps in boosting up the business to a whole new level and nothing can replace them anytime soon.

It helps in;

· First impression

An effective business card does not only pass on contact information but creates a great impression about the professionalism and efforts of a company to have an impressive image. The well-designed business card always takes a conversation forward. Unique business cards are mean to represent your company's full potential as in today's world; you are not restricted to same old material and designs for these cards.

· Effective marketing

There is a high chance of meeting any potential lead or business contacts anywhere in trade conferences, tradeshows, meetings, airports lounges, and meet-ups; not to miss such opportunity always keep some cards in your pocket, wallet, office bag or laptop bag. These cards do all the work of a business representative who you cannot take everywhere with you. Business card printing has evolved with the time that allows you to have striking designs in all the colors that were hard to get in the past.

· Brand image

A business card works as a cherry on the top. If you want to create a sharp brand image in the market, it is important to have a strong card for your business. A good card not only creates an impressive impact on the client but also develops a connection that is important to keep the business run on good terms. If your card is creative people will likely to share it with other people too and this is how your brand is put forward and leaves a promising image amongst other because no one would like their business cards cheap looking and ignored if they want to boost their business.

Types of Business Cards

Thanks to the innovative technology in the field of printing that people are now able to have their ideas and imagination come to life.

Different cards convey different meanings and message like;

· Standard business card values utility over design. The primary mono-color card with simple details and information on rectangle business cards is what most of the companies do. These are the most affordable type of cards, but they are not memorable, and can’t promise an everlasting impression.

· Portrait business card usually has an image or picture on the front, and a picture speaks more than words. They put a face with a name that helps in remembering the brand more easily.

· Tactical business card is not read; it is felt when you hold it. These cards give you an opportunity to go beyond the basics. Customization at its best can be used while designing these cards. Tactical cards can be made of any material like metal or plastic other than paperboard. These cards allow you to experience a feeling of touches like embossed lettering or cutouts and raised edges.

· Multi-functional business card not only conveys the company's information but also serves as a coupon or reminder card.

Choosing the card that best represents your company is important as it really matters in the sense of presentation, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendliness of the material used. It is taken the offensive and a negative trait to use non-ecofriendly material for your cards that impact the environment in a negative way because of the deteriorating condition of the Earth.

How to make business cards impressive and expressive is totally up to you only; the type of material, shapes, and sizes you use decides the quality of a card.

Unique shapes and unorthodox material attracts attention more easily and instantly. Such material sparks a sense of excitement and keeps the conversation alive, which always lead to good relations. If you are not sure about what you want to make, there are a lot of trendy and latest free business cards templates available online or at the custom dealers to get an idea or reference. It is easy to always start from free blank business card templates and keep on making the changes where necessary, or it feels right.

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