How can we avoid bleeding

How can we avoid bleeding

We all do brush our teeth regularly, and we sometimes see that our gums are bleeding while or after brushing, and in most of the cases, we ignore it as we think it might be because we brushed so roughly. But wait, if you're ignoring this, then there are chances that you're ignoring one of your dental problems. As gum bleeding is not a common thing to ignore, though we see it commonly in people, what doesn't means it is a regular thing.

Now for people who don't know:

What is bleeding gums?

You may understand it simply as blood coming out from your gums. But the bleeding of gums may be a symptom of gum disease, not only this, but there are also cases if you went with any dental treatment such as dentures, and if it does not fit correctly, then you may see bleeding from your gums.

You may now be wondering of:

There is not just a single cause of bleeding gums, there are several causes of it, and to know the actual reason, you must visit a dental clinic. Why? Well, to find the answer you need to find our the causes:

  • If you've teeth or gum infection.
  • Doing flossing improperly.
  • You brush too hard or rough.
  • Unfit or wrong dentures.
  • Vitamin C deficiency.
  • Other health issues.
  • And much more.

If you notice there is not just a single cause of gum bleeding, so it becomes nearly tough for anyone to understand why your gums are bleeding.And since you're aware of what is gum bleeding and its causes, then it is a time for you to know what are the steps you can follow to avoid bleeding gums.

If you want to know how to treat bleeding gums, then you have two options:

  1. Do home treatment (temporary, beneficial to stop the pain)
  2. Get dental treatment (permanent, forever zero pain)

1: Home Treatment:

1: Smooth Brushes or Floss:

Make sure that your toothbrush has smooth bristles so that it won't hurt your gums. As rough or hard bristles may bring blood. Also, it is seen that if you do flossing in an improper way such as doing it too hard or fast, you may make a cut in your gums.

2: Fluoride Mouthwash:

Either you brush once or twice, always make sure you're using the paste with fluoride. As the fluoride will help to protect teeth from bacterial attacks, and if there will be no bacterial attacks, your teeth will be the same from gum disease.

3: Eat Healthily:

Sometimes our gums bleed just because we're not increasing the intake of vitamins. We know that vitamin C is beneficial for our teeth, and so if we eat healthily, we will have vitamins and other minerals in our body that will make our teeth strong and help them fight gum disease.

2: Dental Treatment

Dental treatment is the second but most preferred treatment process if you're looking for how to stop bleeding gums. As the dentist has experience in solving all types of dental issues, and so, if you've any severe issue, you can know it before it goes too late. Based on your dental health condition, a dentist may do or prescribe you for different treatment processes. Treatments like plaque removal (teeth cleaning), tooth extraction (crowding), fitting dentures, and much more.

You can not predict what solution will be best for you, as because you may have a different condition, and in order to get the most efficient outcomes, you should definitely go with dental treatment for any types of dental issues in place of home treatment, as they're not long-lasting.

So what do to next?

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