How Edtech Startups Etoosindia Helps Students On Their JEE, NEET Preparation

How Edtech Startups Etoosindia Helps Students On Their JEE, NEET Preparation

Education adds meaning to human life. Every person on the planet should be given enough resources via which they can educate themselves in the best way. Distances are always a question for various students who aspire to study. In India, we have a large population living in rural areas where it is quite difficult for students to make ways to access education.

We are leaving in the most advanced century of humans; the tremendous growth this century has witnessed cannot be wrapped in mere words. As we are lucky enough to witness the hike in technology, why not blend education with technology, to make sure that all the students get access to quality education.

ETOOSINDIA was started with a perspective of serving the intelligent brains of the country with the right sources of education. One major thing that hinders the process of quality education is long distances. The company had the objective to overcome this hindrance and serve the students with all the support that is required for the betterment of their future.

To be the first of its kind, ETOOSINDIA came with a model of online education in the country. The company took the assistance of technology to make it easy for the students to approach the highest quality of education sitting at their home. It’s been more than a decade since the company is trying to serve the students with excellent and commendable education. From helping students study from the top faculties of Kota to providing all sorts of study material, ETOOSINDIA never compromises with the education of the children.

With time the company has grown and has outshined in the arena of online education in INDIA. Advancing with time is the key concept that ETOOSINDIA believes in. the way the company has polished its appearance in its field is worth appreciating. The outstanding growth on YouTube is just a way to convey the success of the company. With the strength of more than a million youtube subscribers, the ETOOSINDIA family is growing strong. To keep pace with the advancements, ETOOSINDIA launched its mobile app, with an objective to understand the requirements of the students in a better way and building their path of success.

The journey here has been amazing. The love and support, ETOOSINDIA gets from its students double the pride of the company. Seeing the students grow and build their success stories, gives the company the much-required determination to aid the students and help them reach their dreams. Till now, more than 20 million+ students have trusted ETOOSINDIA, and their experience as they share has been overwhelming.

The company attains its funding from its paternal company from KOREA. It has a revenue structure of more than 20 crores in a year. Moulding artificial intelligence in the right way that it can work in a productive way for the students is one intelligent perspective of the company. The competition is expanding as there are several companies that are showing interest in the online education sector, but we are sure that the way we are serving our students, is something very unique and this will keep our platform strong.

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