How Gift Card Boxes make your festivals unique

How Gift Card Boxes make your festivals unique

Gift card boxes are made to hold cards to give a professional feel to it. Paper board or kraft board is used to make these boxes that display the tickets when needed. Customization is done in the shape, size, design, and color or logo of your own choice that is representative of the company.

Everything needs a box!

It has become necessary to have a well-designed and a pretty box that speaks volume about the company and the product on its own. The packaging is a must for the brands as it provides information about the company and provides protection. It distinguishes one product and company from the other. Not only the products but the companies that offer their services to its customers as spa, hotels, parlors, catering, banking, and laundry, etc. need packaging for their business and gift cards. Banks need boxes made in the size and shape of the cards.
A gift card can be said gift certificate or gift voucher that can be exchanged for cash value in stores. They have a fixed amount of money on them. These cards are given to the customers as gifts or rewards. Distributors and retailers offer these cards to the customers so that they come back in return or exchange. These cards are valid at specific retailers and franchises. You cannot redeem the money and is only for purchases directly.

Knowing the importance of packaging, gift voucher boxes are made to pack these cards that give them a completely new look and increase the worth. These card boxes are made especially for occasion and events that help in;

Attract customers:

Use of cardboard gift boxes customized in desired shapes and designs attract customers. These boxes are really useful in grabbing the attention because of a feeling of prestige. Customers feel special and pampered because of these card boxes as not everyone uses these for their audience.

Better Display:

Custom boxes in different shapes and window cuts increase the worth of the company and also add the spark in the boring plain flat cards. These boxes can be made in all the shapes like rectangular or the shape of the cards in different width and length. Window cut out designs allow the cards to peek through the box and gives a really trendy look. It will enable the company to add information that cannot come on the map. They not only carry the cards but also work as display boxes.

Increase sales:

Credit card gift boxes specially designed for event or festivals have information, colors, theme, and designs that go with the game and create the atmosphere that let entirely people feel it to the fullest. Handing over these boxes to customers with complementing designs attract more customers and entice them to make a purchase using these gift cards for avail limited time offers.

Create a difference:

To create a difference and gives a unique feel other than the average days, these card boxes are really accommodating. People are more enthusiastic and make purchases more frequently to make their loved ones feel special. Do the same to your customers. Treat them like a family and do something over the mark for them.

Brand awareness:

These boxes help in the marketing and advertising of the company in the events and place where there is more audience. Rectangular gift boxes with lids that flip open have a hinge that holds the cover from falling at the back. Such tables are perfect for displaying the cards to create brand awareness. Gift card boxes displayed on the counters and shelves make people purchase and avail the offer.


A little effort can take the company's name to the top. The material used to make these boxes is mostly paperboard and Kraft paper that is really cheap and readily available in the market. The manufacturing and customization cost as printing and die-cutting is also affordable and would not strive you off your fortune. By putting little, you can get a lifetime loyalty by creating customer satisfaction.


The material used for manufacturing the card boxes is highly eco-friendly and bio-degradable. They decompose by the natural bacterial process and do not leave any waste behind. These highly recyclable boxes have zero contribution in polluting the Mother Nature Earth.
Custom card boxes give an exciting twist to the plain annoying boxes that convey no sentiments and are not even looked twice. Custom designs and shapes in every size provide a personal and warm feeling to the whole box and idea behind the company. Use of colors that depicts the essence of the festival entice people to go in full mood and enjoy the event. Flatpack gift boxes in personalized designs, cuts, and patterns are proved to be the most useful for distribution purpose for advertising that offers free cash value on purchasing a specific amount of money.

People wait for the promotional festival deals and offers all year, the best way to get full advantage of it is to use custom gift card boxes for the cards as appearance is the first thing that people see and judge the value of the company and how much it cares about the customers.
The competition is fierce in the market. To lead the other, every brand strives hard to hit the audience at the right place at such times as everyone offers new and innovative ways to attract customers toward themselves.

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