How much can severe occupational accidents be?

How much can severe occupational accidents be?

An occupational accident is a workplace accident, an accident at work or you can say that any unpleasant event which occurs during the work. These events can occur due to various internal and external factors. It may involve one or more than one employees. Workplace accidents and injuries can occur anywhere during the work. These injuries usually happen due to the negligence or mistakes by workers or due to the lack of safety equipment.

Common Occupational accidents

Accidents in work industries may range from mild to moderate or even severe. Usually, it depends on the cause of the accident and the area of impact. Furthermore, in worse cases, it can also lead to death. Injuries which commonly occur at workplaces are:

Fall from height

Fall from a height is one of the leading cause of death during the maintenance and industrial work. These injuries or accidents are also common in construction sites. In maintenance or construction work, the employee or workers climb on the high roofs through labor’s elevator. In some cases, these elevators can get stuck due to the poor maintenance or may start moving downward in free fall.

You are falling from height can also a brutal and sudden impact on the body. The worker may experience a lifetime disability. Furthermore, if you follow the proper safety instructions and use safety equipment, you can save you and your fellow worker’s life.

Slip and trip

As you know, during work, you use more than one equipment. If you don’t put it on its place right after the use, it can cause serious trouble. In details, if you use a drill machine or any other apparatus, and after that, you put it on the floor surface. This machine can cause a trip and fall. Falling on the workplace is something different from falling on another surface. In the workplace, you may hit with other objects which can cause laceration and may penetrate into your body.

Furthermore, during the maintenance or renovation, you mostly use liquids and lubricants. Any lubricants spilled on the floor surface can cause slip and fall. Slip and fall can also cause a fall from height.

To reduce the risk of slip and trip, you should place the equipment and products on their place right after the use. If you don’t, it may cause serious accidents, which can further cause you damage and amputation.


The physical and psychological stressed environment can also be a cause of various accidents. When you are not physical or mentally active, your brain and body both might not work sharply. The employee will not have the power to deal with sudden crucial situations and troubles. To decrease the accidents due to stress, the employer should hire physically and mentally fit and active employee. It’s also the responsibility of the employer to provide his employees with a stress-free environment.

Falling objects

Falling objects from height can also cause severe injuries which involve the brain, neck, and spinal cord injuries. It can also occur due to other’s negligence and fault, and you will pay for their fault in the form of pain and suffering. Falling objects accidents can occur on construction sites, industrial areas, and during any maintenance work.

Compensation claim

After the occurrence of an accident, you should record your accident. If the accident occurred inside the industry, during the work, you could register it by telling the employer. Calling police is also an option here. Furthermore, you should get medical attention immediately. Sometimes, the symptoms of injuries or damage may occur after a specific time. If you don’t seek medical attention, these symptoms may become severe and can cause a threat to life.

After getting medical attention, now you should file the claim against the liable party, whose negligence and mistake caused you this pain and suffering. For this purpose, you can seek the help of personal injury solicitor Blackburn. If you want to win a handsome amount in compensation, you should always seek the help of a professional and experienced personal injury solicitor. He can help his clients in various ways. You can also seek his help in estimating the loss and suffering, in the form of travel costs, medical expenses. Compensation will also help you to overcome your economic and social damage.

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