How To Add A Luxurious Feel In Your Hotel

How To Add A Luxurious Feel In Your Hotel

Renovating or upgrading your hotel? Looking for ways to make your hotel feel luxurious? Search no further as we are bringing you a guide on how you can make your hotel feel luxurious. Majority of the customers tend to return to the same hotel if their past experience has been great so it is crucial for the hotel management to provide top class service and present themselves with the right attitude. It is time to make things right from the carpet stain to cheap flat bed sheets and use the following tips and tricks to make your guests feel comfortable in your revamped luxurious hotel.

1. Regular Room Check:

First thing when you enter the room, you need to do is some spot-checking. You do not have to spend much time in the room but you can just make sure of the nearby traffic noise or perhaps the lift is creating a certain noise that can be disturbing to your hotel’s guests later on. It’s a good practice as these little things will be noticed by your guest if not you. Room’s bedsheet should be neat and tidy. Check whether air conditioning is working properly or not. Check, Hot water is coming from the taps in the bathroom.

2. Place Scented Candles:

Once you are satisfied that your hotel room is clean and has all the necessary facilities in it. its time to place some scented candles. You must be wondering what they what do? Scented candles will create a nice aromatic environment, your guests will love it just when they will enter the hotel’s room.

3. Silk Pillowcase and Sheets:

It's true that nothing would feel more luxurious than having silk pillow covers. They are super light and easy to carry. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly experience than you should consider silk bag liner. Your customers/guests will love the soft and extra comfortable feel that the silk pillowcase will give them.

4. Extra Luxurious Toiletries:

Guests love souvenirs and some luxury toiletries as well that they will use in your hotel. Luxury toiletries provide miniature pamper session. You can find them in a good superstore or if your budget allows, order them in bulk from the branded market place. Make sure to test them on yourself before placing toiletries into your guest’s room.

5. Beverages and Snacks:

Your guest will love the idea of having snacks and beverages in the hotel room for them. You can ask them about their favorite drinks, alcoholic or non-alcoholic ones. Treat them with what’s in the menu of drinks and snacks specialty on a daily basis. If guests like to have coffee or some special kind of tea, make sure to provide them as this will bring out the luxurious factor that your hotel contains. Also, use champagne glasses and stylish crockery while serving snacks as this will also add great joy to their luxurious hotel experience.

These factors will surely add a luxurious feel in your hotel and your hotel rating will be increased eventually.

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