How To Attract The Kind Of Woman You Really Want

How To Attract The Kind Of Woman You Really Want

If mediocre guys with supermodel girlfriends have taught us anything, it’s that you do not have to be the most handsome man to attract exactly the kind of woman you want. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get your ideal woman. For more tips on finding your ideal woman, check out this article and get searching!

Be a Leader

Women are naturally more attracted to charismatic men who can take the lead and keep their cool. Now listen carefully, a leader. Not a dictator. By keeping her needs above your own, initiating activities that will help your relationship strengthen and doing your best to finish tasks you are committed to, you will project a place of safety for her.

Be Selfless

Well, be selfless where it counts. Being selfless with her and showing her that you truly want to put her needs before yours shows her that you are kind and a giver. Most times she will reciprocate, it is in the female nature to want to give back.

Have Manners

Manners maketh the man, and that is especially true for high-value women. Even in today’s ultra-feminist society, women still want to be made to feel special. Open her car door or pull out her seat, not because she is not capable but because you want to make her feel special. Small actions like walking on the street side of the sidewalk do not go unnoticed by women. She sees you and she appreciates the subconscious safety gesture.


This is a tough one for most men. Women are naturally more in touch with their feelings and emotions. Because of this, they can communicate how they are feeling far more freely than a man can. Listen to what your woman has to say, and we mean really, actively listen. Make eye contact with her when she speaks and be mature enough to be vulnerable and communicate back.

World Smarts

The world does not stop creating knowledge when you have left college. In general, women are thirsty for knowledge, and because of their instinct to protect, they will be up to date with what is happening in the world. Keeping yourself abreast of what is happening and broadening your knowledge will ensure that you can speak to her on an intellectual level. Remember, men fall in love with their eyes, women fall in love with their minds.

Have Style

We don’t mean you have to be model perfect every single day but no woman wants to be with an unkempt man. Hygiene is incredibly important to a woman. Showering once a day, (or more if you are physically active), smelling good, wearing fresh, clean clothes daily and keeping facial hair groomed will attract all the right kinds of women.

Be Funny

There are a very large amount of women out there who would date Quasimodo if she knew he could make her laugh. Being light-hearted where it counts, not sweating the small stuff and bringing a smile to her face will make her feel secure about being able to tackle the world with you in good humor.

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