How to Choose a Citrus Juicer

How to Choose a Citrus Juicer

What could be more delicious than a freshly prepared drink made by yourself? Not a single juice, even the most famous and popular brand, can be compared with a freshly squeezed drink. To do this, you need a citrus juicer and fresh juicy fruits of the genus of citrus. In such a drink, a maximum of vitamins remains and there will be absolutely no difficulties in its preparation.

If you like fresh juice from fresh lemons, grapes or orange, you should get a citrus juicer from here. With the help of such devices you get a great, invigorating drink, rich in vitamins.

In order to choose the right machine, you need to pay attention to its characteristics such as: power, volume of capacity for collecting juice, the degree of filtration. It is also important to which manufacturer the equipment belongs. You need to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of various models, consider all the options, read reviews or consult with the seller in the store.

It would not hurt to view the various reviews on specific devices, to pay attention to the degree of vibration, efficiency and the quality of the juice, which comes as a result of spinning. For home use, do not purchase a professional device. If you are going to prepare the juice for yourself and your family members, a hand-held machine is also unlikely to work. The ideal option would be an automatic citrus juicer.

Automatic citrus juicer

The automatic device for the production of juice has a very interesting principle of operation, in which a person takes minimal participation. You will only need to collect the juicer and prepare the fruit. Next, citrus fruits are cut in half, juice is squeezed out of the halves, and the peel is discarded in a special container. At the exit, we get pure juice. Due to the fact that the skin of the fruit is not affected, the bitter essential oils do not get into the drink, and it comes out tasty. Before operating the unit, it is necessary to study the instructions for use.

Manual citrus juicers

Manual juicers are cheap and easy to use. There are several types of manual devices for the "extraction" of juice:

---> A device similar to a large-sized garlic bowl. Such an apparatus is used when it is necessary to obtain a small amount of juice (for example, a couple of spoons for salad dressing).

---> A juicer consists of a lamp and a nozzle. This is the most simple device to use: you need to cut the fruit in half and scroll half on the nozzle - the juice will drain into the tank, and the skin will remain in your hands.

---> The juicer-spray has become a novelty in the field of handheld devices. The principle of operation of such a unit is as follows: a rod is inserted into the whole fruit, and in order to get the juice, it is necessary to press the sprayer. A glass of fresh juice with the help of such a device you can hardly get, but for irrigation with lemon juice of fish or meat before baking it will be quite enough.

Professional citrus juicer

In various cafes and bars used professional juicers, designed for the preparation of large quantities of juice. In such devices there is a special cover that protects the hands during operation. The kit comes with several nozzles of various sizes. Such devices have a nice design. But there is no need to purchase such a device for home. Before using such units it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the operating manual so as not to break the expensive device.

Important points when choosing a citrus juicer

Fresh juice, many want to drink in the morning, but few people want to wait a long time until the glass is filled with the desired liquid. What should you pay attention to when choosing a device for getting juice?

---> In order not to spend a lot of time waiting, it is better to purchase a juicer with a lot of power. As a rule, the power of the device can be in the range of 20 - 100 watts. The higher it is, the faster you will get the finished drink.

---> Further, it is recommended to look at the size of the tank to collect the drink. In this case, the principle “the more the better” does not fit. Since fresh juice is better to drink immediately after preparation, the bowls for juice in many devices are designed for a maximum of several glasses. It is also possible to feed the juice directly when it is immediately in the glass, and not in the container for collecting the drink.

---> The spout of the juicer, through which the liquid is fed, should be as comfortable as possible and do not miss a single drop of juice past the glass. It is good if an additional filter is installed on the spout.

---> Pay attention to the presence of the function "reverse" in the juicer (rotation of the cone for squeezing the juice in different directions). With this mode of fruit, you can squeeze more juice.

---> Someone prefers juice with pulp, someone does not - these preferences must also be taken into account when choosing a juicer. Well, if the device has the ability to change the size of the slots of the nozzle (through which the juice passes). The larger the slot in the centrifuge grid, the more pulp you will get as a result.

---> It is worth paying attention to the material used in the device. Thus, the body may be plastic, but the operating elements must be stainless steel.

---> An important detail is the presence of attachments of various sizes. After all, citrus fruits come in different sizes, and to get more juice, you need a nozzle that would best fit the size of the fruit. Do not forget about the holder for fruit. It is necessary for convenience and safety during the extrusion of fresh.

---> Pay attention to the manufacturer of technology. Acquire the device of the company that has established itself in the market, and whose equipment is in high demand and has only positive feedback.

Among the large range of juicers, everyone will be able to choose for themselves the most suitable option for price, power and other characteristics. By purchasing a juicer, you can enjoy a homemade, freshly prepared fresh, rich in vitamins every day.

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