How to choose and use the circular saw

How to choose and use the circular saw

The circular saw is an indispensable electric tool for cutting wood. However, there are circumstances in which the circular saw is not the most suitable tool to use, we try to understand which ones. We say that there is a sort of hierarchy in the family of power tools; as for the wood cutting we can start from the base, which could be identified in an alternative jigsaw, to reach the top, which could be considered the dream of every DIY lover: a bench saw (maybe even equipped with a planer ). know more best miter saw

The circular saw is placed in the middle ensuring a more powerful and precise cut than the jigsaw but less powerful and precise than the bench saw.

In short, it is an electric tool that finds its ideal position especially for work outside the laboratory, where it would be very difficult to carry a bench saw. The choice of the circular saw focuses above all on the power of the same and on its manageability. Having power at your disposal also means being able to make clean cuts on the hardest woods and having good handling ensures that you can follow the cutting line with greater precision.

The electric tool available to me was purchased directly on the Internet here:

after having tested it in the store. Buying on the Internet almost always guarantees a better price but the flip side of the coin is the impossibility of physically holding what we are buying, of trying it.

Having "good feelings", holding a circular saw in your hand, is of fundamental importance and for this reason, I strongly suggest you pay a visit to a physical store before buying online. Once I was able to make several cuts of wood with a low-end circular saw and I still remember how the badly designed handle had caused me a persistent pain in the knuckles of my right hand. The circular saw I am talking about is a Skil brand, a historic brand in the field of DIY power tools that today continues to live under the umbrella of a brand known to virtually everyone, that of Bosch. From a technological point of view, therefore, Skil machines have a lot in common with Bosch machines.

circular saw case

The Skilsaw in my possession is an instrument of great power that, with its 1350 Watts, plays very well many jobs at hobby and professional level. What I appreciate most about this machine is the shaft lock lever that allows you to change the blade with ease. The machine, designed and built in the Netherlands, allows a firm and easy grip and this facilitates the cutting operation.

As you can see, it is a saw that is sold with a convenient case that prevents us from simply keeping it on a shelf to take dust when it is not in use. Beyond everything, however, to use a circular saw in the best it takes a minimum of space and above all, it is necessary to fix the wood in such a way that it does not move. The answer is the clamps which are always a nuisance when the width of the axis is not wide. know more about other saw best miter saw reviews

This instrument is equipped with a front guide which, once set correctly, should allow us to follow the cutting line with greater precision ; the truth is that a perfectly straight line cannot be expected from a circular saw, not so much due to the inefficiency of the saw as to the impossibility on our part not to deviate from the line performance. Even having a very firm hand it is necessary to take into account the millimetric deviations which, however, when the work requires absolute precision, can have consequences on the development of the project.

The front guide works best when you need to make long cuts but when the piece to be cut is short it becomes practically unusable. For all the reasons indicated above, what I consider a really useful accessory to combine with the circular saw is the special removable guide rail like the one you can see in the video.

Needless to say, if you work inside it is almost essential to connect a vacuum cleaner to the saw, hooking the vacuum cleaner hose to the appropriate inlet, if you don't want to cover the sawdust room. The pipe of the aspirator, especially when it is short and rather rigid, constitutes however another obstacle to the success of the cut. In this case, the optional dust bag can save us from using the vacuum cleaner.

We also spend a few words on the depth of cut: one of the things that differentiate the saws most is precisely the cutting depth. It is quite clear that the greater the cutting depth, the greater the size of the power tool (and the greater the power should be if we do not want the blade to jam in the middle of the cut).

Skilsaw 1350 watts

In this sense, the choice can only be based on what we think is the typical thickness of the wood we are going to cut; a difficult evaluation to make a priori, isn't it?

Having a larger circular saw with greater depth of cut noticeably reduces its manageability but guarantees us to operate with a much wider variety of wood thicknesses.

One last thing: the main material that we are going to cut with the saw will inevitably be wood, but by changing the cutting disk and replacing it with one with a greater number of teeth we can easily cut other materials such as metal, plastic, and PVC.

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