How To Choose & Cultivate Your Very Own Houseplants

How To Choose & Cultivate Your Very Own Houseplants

Given the current climate of uncertainty surrounding the future, and the extent to which we will need to self-isolate ourselves due to coronavirus, more and more people are finding new projects and hobbies to keep themselves occupied indoors. One hobby that’s found a resurgence of popularity, primarily amongst millennials, is growing and looking after house plants. If you’re not quite in self-isolation yet and can still leave the house, you can visit a local plant centre darlington and browse their range of houseplants. Alternatively, there are websites where you can purchase them and have them dropped off at your home by their outreach landscapers middlesbrough or even receive them via the normal postal service.

There are plenty of benefits to growing houseplants that were well-documented prior to the coronavirus pandemic, but now they have the added bonus of being able to keep your mind and hands occupied from other, more worrying news. Whilst exterior landscape gardening north east is primarily just for aesthetic purposes, houseplants can have a noticeably positive effect on your home by increasing oxygen levels, which is fantastic for our bodies. People with respiratory difficulties can especially benefit from this feature as the air is often noted as cleaner by landscapers middlesbrough and other horticultural experts. During transpiration, water that was previously absorbed through the plant’s roots evaporates from its leaves - across the planet, this water accounts for almost 10% of the moisture in the atmosphere! Whilst you might be picturing the humid conditions of a greenhouse found at a plant centre darlington, this moisture will be nowhere near that temperature level and will be a lot less prevalent unless you have an enormous amount of plants. In drier months, this moisture can help to prevent dry skin, sore throats, colds and dry coughs, which is very beneficial!

Given the recent prevalence of mental health issues amongst society, looking after houseplants (and potentially landscape gardening north east if you have a garden!) is a fantastic hobby to try to alleviate symptoms and feelings stemming from these manifestations. Focusing on a task, especially something as productive and rewarding as gardening, can help to distract your mind and relieve stress. In this age of technology, keeping your hands busy by tending to and pruning a plant can stop you from worrying about replying to messages or endlessly scrolling through social media feeds.

There are a wide variety of houseplants to choose from - so many in fact that it can sometimes feel overwhelming to choose! Luckily, if you visit a plant centre darlington, there will no doubt be someone on hand who can offer expert advice. Alternatively, there are forums frequented by plant experts and landscapers middlesbrough who can give you advice online if you’re currently self-isolating or feel uncomfortable leaving the house. The range of plants means that there’s almost certainly going to be one that suits your requirements. If you tend to over-water your plants for example, try a Chinese Evergreen - they’re very forgiving if you end up going overboard. If you’re more forgetful with your watering, plants like a yucca can survive for a long time without it - they just need plenty of sunlight!

Houseplants are a fantastic, rewarding hobby to have whilst quarantined at home, and who knows, maybe it will lead to a passion for landscape gardening north east when you get to go outside again?

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