How to choose the best hard wood floor

How to choose the best hard wood floor

Floors are the foundation for the beauty of the house. A nice and elegant flooring can give the house a new aura of attraction. It is not just a place to set foot on and walk away recklessly. Your floors describe how well you are trying to make your house outshine among all the other houses. Choosing a hardwood floor can be a hectic job especially if you are highly considerate about the image of the house. You can choose the best hardwood floor if you are aware of the tricks to find one. It is not so much of a difficulty when you have a proper guideline to get what you desire.

Go for engineered floors

Engineered floors are much more stringer in structure than the traditional wooden planked floors. If you are planning to hire a hardwood floor service in Naperville IL, you must select engineered floors. The double-layered hardwood floors are heat and damage resistant. They can tolerate hard weather conditions and provides a cooling environment inside the house. They are also considered to be low maintenance thus less costly.

Consider the width

You can choose from the different width styles of the board according to space where it is going to be installed. Rectangular and square-cut boards are usually used in formal areas such as your dining room or a meeting hall. Traditional planks suit much in the small rooms because they provide a bit of visual space.

Type of wood

The most common domestic woods are red oak, maple, hickory and walnut. There are other woods as well like mahogany but these woods are not as strong as the former ones. It is better to choose the harder woods for long term hard floors.

Color and texture

Hardwood floor colors also vary according to the type of wood you choose. The common colors of these floors are dark charcoal and all shades of blonde, brown and black. The patterns on the wood will be the same as the wood type but you can choose the texture from gloss, matte, or rust

Finishing style

Choose a finishing style for the floor. Either it will be pre-finished or site finished. You can get proper finishing of these floors if you are doing a residential kitchen remodelling in Naperville IL. With the raw or prefinished hardwood floor, you are more at an advantage as you can use it according to your choice.

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