How To Clean A Kitchen?

How To Clean A Kitchen?

The kitchen used to be another room in the house where the food was fixed. Now many kitchens are the center of activity. Kitchens have become multi-purpose and multi-functional. Regardless if you cook, do homework or pay bills you need to know how to clean a kitchen. Just like the bathroom, germs are easily spread and must be controlled at all times.

Many foods that we eat are raw when purchased and must be prepared in some way in order to eat it. We use the counter, cutting boards, and the sink to work with, clean and prep the foods. If not fully prepared before beginning, we touch drawers, cabinets, the fridge and possibly even the garbage during the process. This is a definite way to spread germs and other particles that are not healthy for us.

Each kitchen will normally have at least a sink, stove, refrigerator, counters, and cabinets. Everything that a kitchen contains can be cleaned very easily with warm soapy water and a clean cloth or sponge. The problem of cleaning a kitchen usually comes when spills and messes are not cleaned up when they occur.

So a basic rule of kitchen cleaning is doing it on a regular basis and with soap and water. Of course, the basics are just that, basics. There are a number of things that should be daily, weekly, bi-yearly and yearly. We will stick to daily for now, if you follow these then the rest of the time you shouldn’t have to do much of anything.

First things first, clean up spills and messes when they occur. This doesn’t mean grab a towel and wipe, it means to get rid of the spill and clean the surface that it was on. You don’t have to do the entire surface, just where the mess was. Cleaning your kitchen should not be difficult or time-consuming, it should be effective and efficient.

Secondly, rinse and wash dishes after you’re done using them. I understand that glass may get used during the day and mornings are a rush, but by taking a minute to put dishes in the dishwasher or at least rinse them and leave them in the sink will cut down washing time later. When a meal is over and done, wash everything that was dirtied in order to fix the meal. Wipe down the sink faucet and rinse the sink out, this includes removing any food left in the bottom of the sink. If you don’t like touching it, wear gloves and use a basket that sits in the drain at the bottom to hold the food which can be easily removed and used to carry food to the garbage.

In regards to the rest of the kitchen, wipe down the stove after cooking or baking and the fridge when messy hands have touched it. This not only keeps it looking nice but keeps the germs down as well. Maybe you don’t want to know how to clean a kitchen but it is important for your health’s sake. Sweep the floor daily and to get rid of what’s been swept into a pile, use a small cordless vacuum to suck it up. Mop at least twice a week or as needed.

Moreover, robot vacuum cleaners can be useful in the kitchen. In reviews, they say that robots are equally effective in cleaning tile in the bathroom, carpet in the living room, and parquet in the bedroom. But it's especially useful to have a robot in the room that requires constant cleaning, for example, in the kitchen. Firstly, the kitchen is one of the most visited premises, and therefore, more garbage is brought in there, and the floor is exposed to more pollution. Secondly, people work with food here, which means that exceptional cleanliness is needed. And thirdly, while cooking, something will always fall to the floor here. Instead of running after the broom every time and wasting time, buy a robot vacuum cleaner. Robots do an excellent job of cleaning up such small "kitchen" garbage as vegetable peel, rice, groats, or macaroni. Having found the debris, it increases the suction power, sweeps up the garbage with side brushes, and sucks it into the container. Just like that - very simple, fast, and convenient!

The counter tends to be a place that is a holding place for many different things. Knowing how to clean a kitchen involves organization. This may be intimidating to some, but it’s not. Find a nice basket with a material lining or a tray of some sort that has high edges to hold things such as keys, change and mail temporarily. The inside of the basket may not orderly, but the basket will help keep the counter free of clutter.

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