If you have covered all your floor of bedrooms, drawing room and living room with carpets and you have kids and pets too, you should know how to deep clean your carpet without renting an expensive steam cleaner or hiring for costly services. Stains of mud from feet of your pet and food thrown by your kids can leave stubborn stains on your expensive carpets. It can be costly to call professionals every time when there will be stains to keep your floor looking clean. With a little effort, your money will be saved. Deep carpet cleaning in Atlanta GA is not necessarily common knowledge but can be done easily and it will cost you pennies to clean your carpet.

Here are DIY to deep clean your carpet the best possible way:

  • Take baking soda or dish washing soap as cleaners.

  • Bring an old brush, clean rag or towel, bucket of warm water and a vacuum cleaner.

  • Once you bring all these things to working area, now it’s time to clean your carpet without a steam cleaner:

  • Vacuum all the carpet to pull dirt and dust out of it.

  • Sprinkle on stain until it is completely covered if you’re using baking soda and if you’re using dish washing soap, measure the stain size and use 1 or two tablespoon on the stain.

  • Let it absorb until you see bubbles.

  • Gently scrub stain using brush, rag or towel.

  • Don’t overflow water onto it, make it wet enough to scrub away the dirt and stain.

  • Turn on fan to allow carpet to air dry.

  • Vacuum it again when it is completely dry.

And it is done.

Probably, chemicals which are used for cleaning are strong enough to effect people who have sensitivities to certain ingredients. But it is too very important to remove odor from your carpet. Rather than spending hours on scrubbing carpet with such harmful solutions, you can remove it all naturally.

Here is another DIY for carpet odor and pet stain removal:

  • Mix one table spoon of dish wash and ¼ teaspoon of white vinegar. This will be overall cleaner.

  • Apply a small amount of solution on stinky or soiled area.

  • Gently rub the carpet fibers instead of scrubbing.

  • Rinse it with water and using a dry towel, soak as much water as possible.

  • Turn on the fan and let it dry.

There will be no more pet stain or carpet odor. It is also an inexpensive way to freshen up your carpet and is safe for your pets and children as it is made with natural ingredients which you may use in your daily life.

Be careful! Use measured quantity of every ingredient while making a solution for cleaning at your home because it may harm you and carpet fiber if it will be strong. It could seep through your carpet and get under carpet padding or it may damage or break your vacuum, when any solution is used in excess.

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