How to find a reliable builder for a home improvement project?

How to find a reliable builder for a home improvement project?

Whether you are living in a house or an apartment, the counters of your bathroom will surely vary in size. If you have a lot of space then you can place numerous items on top of the counter but if not, you would need to be very smart about it. People usually prefer to keep their daily use items such as shampoo bottles and towels on the counter but it is a wrong practice and it has its own drawbacks which you will know later on.

It is a fair justification that if you are in a hurry to go to work or to school, you should have all the important items stored at one place but it is nearly impossible for it to happen. A number of necessary measures have to be taken if you have chosen to place the medicine in your bathroom’s storage compartments.

So, in order to become well-organized in managing and storing the items in your bathroom, here is what you should know about the things that do not belong in a bathroom.

Shampoo Bottles

Since shampoo and conditioner bottles are pretty heavy, it is never fine to place such heavy bottles on top of a bathroom counter. Usually, the interior of bathrooms has counters for storage so you can place only so much on them. Another issue of placing bottles is that these cover most part of the washroom mirror.

Towels of all kinds

If you have found and purchases bath towels on sale then it does not necessarily mean you should place them on the counter. Firstly, it is going to consume most of the space and secondly, the towels are more likely to become dirty. Some people tend to roll the towels and then place them on the counter but if you have limited space, never do it. Purchase a separate basket for storing the towels as that works the best.

Accessories Including Jewelry

While this might sound like an odd one but the practice of keeping accessories such as jewelry items into drawers or counters has become widely common. Your bathroom is not the place where these items should be put. If you do this often then you must have noticed how you would have lost some of your accessories too. The vanity of your washroom’s mirror is the only sensible place to store your accessories or you should just keep them in a separate drawer.

Storing Medicine

The medicine should never be stored in the drawers that are very close to the shower or anywhere near the water. Exposure to humidity or dampness is never a good thing for medicine as it could ruin the effectiveness the medicines have. That’s why whenever you purchase any type of medicated drug, it is mentioned to store them in a dry and cool place that is far from the dampness every washroom has. In the west, people have the habit of storing medicine in cabinets and these cabinets have been created separately into the interior for more ease to the people living there.

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