How to find a right android app developer?

How to find a right android app developer?

Since the immense influence of android as one of the most popular operating system in the mobile phone manufacturing, the companies are looking to hire android app developers to get develop their own business app on android. But still non-technical founders and sometimes even some technical founders are in ambiguous with no proper idea to hire a suitable developer. However, there are some crucial and fundamental things to be considered before hiring an android app developer.

How to Hire the best Android App Developer among the Rest

The market for Android app developer is enormous, but it can be a tricky job to find the right talent to meet your specific requirements. Here we share the key tips to find and hire the best android app developers.

Looking for Proficient of Android App developers

When you are looking to hire an Android developer, the important thing to consider is their experience. Developing a market-centric and business-centric app is actually a tricky job, which needs to be done proficiently and that requires experience developers.

Define Your Requirement

This is a super significant task to start with, as mobile apps are pretty diversified and need various skill sets. Defining the elements that are essential to your project will allow you to find developers that specialize in a given technology. You should, in particular, figure out if you require specialists with experience in one or more of the following trending environments:

  1. Audio and video streaming
  2. external IOT hardware
  3. augmented and virtual reality
  4. application security
  5. applications that communicate with backend
  6. Implementing exceptional designs and meaningful micro-interactions

Run a Good Review

  1. In order to choose the best candidate, you need to be thoroughly prepared during an interview. Its better have a skilled android app developer with you for examine the candidate, if since you’re not technically more familiar with an android.
  2. Run a perfect background check on your candidate with some advance hiring process technique like blockchain to make sure they really have a qualification and reference they claim to have.
  3. Keep in mind about your current and existing projects as well as the major problems encountered by your team in the past, while asking the questions on technical round.

Check the past project of an Android developer

By going through the past projects of android developer, you can understand the approach and quality of their delivery. As an android application developer everyone should work with many android applications, at least 2 out of many apps should be available in Google play store, you had better examine the following things with it.

  1. Size of the application and its functionality
  2. Application’s stability and implementation
  3. How many downloads happen so far
  4. Consider user review about the app

This process not only helps you to understand your applicant but you can also get an idea of the scale of the projects that they’ve accomplished.

Focus on quality not budget

Many businesses are focusing to hire cost-effective android app developers, end up with a bad quality app. You had better go with the android developer who has potential to develop feature-packed and quality rich apps at cost-effective prices instated of choosing a low budget android developer.

Sound knowledge of Open Source Libraries

Android being an open source platform, gives the flexibility to android developers to design an app that fits user’s requirements, thus making it essential for the developers to have a sound knowledge about these open source platforms. So, one should look for Android app developer that are familiar with the emerging open source libraries.

Go with reputed android app Development Company

Choosing a freelance android app developer may result in negative outcome, although it can be a low-budget. By wisely choosing a reputed android app development company to hire an android app developer, you can go for secure and cost-effective way for getting your app developed.

NDA and Privacy agreements are mandatory

Always begin working with an Android app development company or freelancer, once you sign an NDA or privacy agreements. By signing such a bond with the Android developers, you can ensure the security of confidential business information. As well, we should also take care of the property rights of the Android app to avoid future discrepancies.


Hope this article gets you away a bit from an ambiguous state on hiring or finding a right android app developer. The android app developer with huge number of experience is not only the qualification to get develop a great application, in the same time they should have all mandatory skills on developing a perfect flawless app even they might be has less years work experience.

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