How to Keep Your Cereals and Vegetables Crispy For Longer

How to Keep Your Cereals and Vegetables Crispy For Longer

The dilemma of keeping fruits, vegetables and even your favorite cereals fresh is an issue that almost every individual has faced and noted. The thought of your leafy greens and vegetables turning rotten and being spoiled is not a good one so if you are short on a budget, you would consider looking for the cheapest undercounter fridge you can find for the proper storage of vegetables and cereals. However, keeping food items fresh inside a fridge is the best solution but it is better to look into some cool hacks and tips for the same notion while you are at it.

Here are some essential and tested tips that can help you keep your food items fresh and crisp.

1. Keep vegetables in a tea towel:

Any fabric that allows the vegetables to breath is certainly going to keep them crisp for a long time as well. Since cotton has been known to be a breathable fabric, you can choose to keep all your vegetables in a cotton-based tea towel. Make sure the towel has been sown into a perfect cover for the vegetables and does not let any impurity enter into it. That way all your food items are going to stay fresh and crispy in the long run.

2. Separate Storage for Unripe Foods:

Unripe fruits and vegetables such as peaches, bananas, melons, mangoes, and avocados do not necessarily have to be kept inside a fridge. To make sure such items stay fresh before they become ripe, the best option is to place them on your kitchen’s counter. Keeping them inside the fridge beforehand is not a good idea as their taste is going to be ruined. Once the fruits and vegetables have become ripe, you can shift them to the fridge.

3. Store your vegetables away from sunlight:

Not many vegetables have citrus but most fruits do. Fruits such as lemons and oranges will always turn rotten if these are not refrigerated but that is not all. If you chose to keep such fruits and vegetable out in the open then you would have to make sure direct sunlight does not hit them. In case it does, both the fruits and vegetables will never remain fresh. So, keep them in a plastic bag and place them in a darkened room, if you do not have a fridge for storage.

4. Use glass containers for storage:

It is always needed to keep vegetables, fruits, and cereals away from moisture, dampness and humidity. If any speck of humidity enters into where such items are kept, you can guarantee yourself for them to be spoiled for good. If you choose to wash and dry your fruits and vegetables altogether so a better choice is to use a glass container for storage. However, just be sure the container is covered and sealed properly since you would not want humidity and dampness to enter inside the container. With a glass container, you would also be able to easily differentiate between your fruits and vegetables.

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