How to Organize Your Shoes the Right Way

How to Organize Your Shoes the Right Way

Whether you have a simple shoe wardrobe or a massive collection, you should organize your shoes to protect your favorite footwear. By storing shoes properly, you can maximize your space, make sure each pair is well-maintained, and find your beloved ones without needing a search party. These tips can make organizing your men’s or women's shoes easy and worth your time and effort.

Taking Inventory

As unpleasant as it sounds starts by taking out all your shoes to see what you are dealing with. After all, you are not going to know how much room you need or what condition your shoes are in if you don’t look at your entire assortment of ladies' flat shoes, boots, pumps, and sneakers.

Weeding Out

Now that you have your shoe collection in front of you, decide which ones to keep and to which pairs you are ready to bid adieu. Special occasion shoes aside, you should get rid of any shoes you have not worn in over a year. If they are in good shape, gently worn shoes may be donated to those in need, and you can make extra room for that new pair of the best Puma sneakers you’ve had your eye on.

Sorting The Rest

It is time to move on to the classification stage of the organization. Make this step a personal one by deciding how you want to group your shoes. Do you prefer to sort your shoes based on types, such as sneakers, heels, boots, or flats? Would you prefer to separate them into categories by frequency of use? Do not forget seasonal options as well; sandals and flip flops in the summer give way to loafers and boots in the cooler months, so you may even want to rotate your shoes several times a year.

Lifting Off

Another thing to consider is where you plan to store your shoes, and here is a hint: the floor is not the optimal spot. Can you imagine if you stowed your sweaters or dresses that way? By taking your shoes off the floor and putting them closer to eye level, you may remember to wear more variety and give your almost daily pairs a chance to air out and dry.

Solving Problems

Finally, you are ready to put your shoes away, but you still need a smart storage solution. If you do not have dedicated shoe racks or shelves, you may want to invest in clear shoe box containers with lids that you can label. Another option that may work, especially when your closet space is limited, is a separate shoe cabinet where you can stow your shoes out of sight but still have easy access to them. At the very least, get a basket or two to place near the door where you can grab a quick pair and head out.

These organizing ideas can help you use your space more efficiently and give your shoe room to breathe. Imagine how much more wear you can get out of your shoe collection now that you know what you have and where you keep them.

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