How to stay busy during this pandemic in your garden

How to stay busy during this pandemic in your garden

With the uncertain future lying ahead, and the prospect of isolation looking more like reality, it’s vital we all keep busy in some way- and what better way to do that in the garden? Gardening for some people is a form of mindfulness, and has proven to help mental health in numerous studies. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to spend time in your garden, and invest at a plant centre middlesbrough to get the necessary supplies to make your garden yours. If you struggle to come up with your own ideas, it’s always a good idea to look to landscapers darlington for inspiration. And so to help with coming up with ideas to keep pottering around in your garden, the following tips should help from landscapers north east.

Depending on the time of year will you need to worry about the frequency of weeding. Typically, in the spring and summer months weeds will grow rapidly and in large numbers, so to combat this you’ll need to do frequent weeding. Understandably, this isn’t most people’s favourite thing to do when pottering in the garden. However this may be the case, it’s vitally important to carry out the removal of weeds, so your plants have more room to flourish and grow. When pulling out any kind of weeds, landscapers darlington recommend you pull them with the root, this ensures they don’t have a chance to grow back.

One of the more obvious things you can do to keep yourself busy in the garden, and what landscapers north east encourage for perfect gardens, is to clean whatever could do with it. If you don’t clean it or carry out regular maintenance, debris can build up quite a lot. It’s important to rake or sweep any leaves left over from winter, as well as power wash your paving to halt the growth of moss and mould. If you’re in need of some tools to help with cleaning tasks in the garden, you can stop by a plant centre middlesbrough and they can provide you with the necessary tools for a great deep clean.

To neaten up your garden totally, and for its optimum care, you should also aim to prune the vegetation in your garden. This includes any hedging, trees, conifers or flowers you may have. It’s important to note, by advice of landscapers darlington, some plant species don’t require pruning all year round. So, to ensure you don’t over prune them, seek advice from your local plant centre middlesbrough about the care instructions for each plant before buying. Or if you have any in your garden already and are unsure of what the care needs to be, there are gardeners who can help.

One of the more common things you can do to keep yourself busy, for at least some of the day, is through watering your plants. This is especially important during the hot months, but do check how much watering each plant needs. A good indication of when a plant needs watering is when the soil is bone dry, or if the leaves look limp and are going brown. Depending on your garden needs, it’s a good idea to keep up composting so you always have access to rich nutrient soil which is perfect for growing plants and veg. Landscapers north east tend to recommend having one installed somewhere in your garden space for that reason, but ultimately it’s a good way of keeping busy whilst still helping with food waste and the environment.

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