How to View Table Data Without SQL Server Management Studio

How to View Table Data Without SQL Server Management Studio

Are you in search of a solution using which you can read your MDF file without installing Microsoft SQL Server? So, now you have no need to worry, in this blog, we will cover the topic “how to view table data without SQL server management studio?”.

Well, It happens many times that a user wants to open and access table data from an MDF file but doesn’t have SQL Server installed in the system. In this scenario, opening a database MDF file becomes a challenge. Now, you might be thinking, why someone would want to open a database file without SQL Server. There are many circumstances like - if a person is not using their system and do not want to install SQL Server in another system if he/she wants to share MDF file with someone who is not having SQL Server, or much other reason also.

Furthermore, there are many users who are searching for the queries like:

  • How to open .mdf in SQL Server 2014 without SQL Server?
  • How to open and access data from the SQL Server database?
  • Can I view, open or read MDF file data without SQL Server installation?

So, after considering all these user’s queries, we have come up with this post. Here, we will discuss the more feasible method for opening or viewing the MDF file data without SQL Server installation. are going to tell you how to open MDF file without SQL Server. Moreover, you only need to follow the instruction given below to achieve the same. Let’s start:

One-Step Solution to View Table Data Without SQL Server Management Studio

To open and view the database without SQL Server installation the user can use take the help of the Repair SQL database Tool. It is an advanced application and trusted by SQL database administrators. It also helps the user to recover database components such as SQL tables, tables data, stored procedures, Functions, Views, Triggers, indexes, etc. Using the tool, users can recover the deleted components and table records. This is the best way to open & view SQL Server database without installing any additional utility. SQL Recovery software has been designed for both technical as well as non-technical users. So, a complete novice user can also open and view MDF file data without any professional assistance. Moreover, this software supports the latest SQL Server version 2019 and all its prior versions.

Key features of SQL Recovery tool

  • Enabled feature to open/view/read MDF File data files without SQL Server.
  • Handles corrupted or damaged SQL database files.
  • Preview of all PST items such as tables, stored procedures, functions, views, etc.
  • Automatically Detects the SQL Server version of your MDF file.
  • Export complete or selective to live SQL Server database, SQL scripts, and CSV format.

Let us see a step-by-step procedure to open and view MDF file data without the need for Microsoft SQL Server being installed.

Step 1. Install and run the tool on the Windows system.

Step 2. Click on the Open button

Step 3. Click on Browse and then click on Add File to open the MDF file.

Step 4. Now, In this detailed preview, you can view all the database components like tables, triggers, stored procedures, views, etc.

Step 5. Click on Export, if you want to export the data in a live SQL Server environment, as .sql scripts and CSV file format.

Time to wind up

Well, Opening an MDF file in SQL Server is easy and known to every user but, when it comes to open & view database file without SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, and other. Then it became a most complex and tiresome task. In the above write-up, we have discussed a simple & effective method that helps you to view table data without SQL server management studio on any Windows platform.

You can easily download the Free version of the tool. If it satisfies your requirement then you can switch to the licensed version to unlock more advanced features.

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