How Will 2021 Effect Drone Flyers?

How Will 2021 Effect Drone Flyers?

Anyone who sees themselves as a drone enthusiast, works with drones regularly or is just interested in becoming a part of the drone community may need some vital information on how the ins and outs of drone flying will operate in the near future. The pandemic has seen the world of drones have some serious changes to the way we have to operate drone pilot training, and how to safely complete a drone course as well as how to operate with personal flying.

Can I Fly My Drone For Leisure?

With the current lockdown rules, it’s hard to follow what you're allowed to do and what is permitted as exercise. The hard rules state that you shouldn’t leave your local area for any reason. Drones cannot be flown in built up areas and most drone flyers tend to travel into countrysides and fields to maximise the potential of their flight. This is now prohibited by law as the travel is not deemed as essential.

One of the strictest rules of lockdown is who you can and can’t meet up with. Whereas exercise can be done with people in your bubble and support bubble, it is made clear that you should only really leave the house with people from your household. Now what constitutes as exercise is where a lot of people have been confused.

Drone flying is not deemed as illegal as long as you fly over 150 meters away from a built up area and have appropriate drone training. There has been reports from The Independent that police in Wiltshire have been stopping drone flying and reminding people of the responsibilities.

Are Drone Training Courses Still Running?

If you're new to drones you will require to register with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and will be recommended in taking a drone course in drone pilot training. A2 Certificate of Competency (CofC) are for all drone flyers. Having the certificate will reduce and remove some of the EASA restrictions and will allow more flexibility on how and where you can fly. This can be completed online and will be beneficial whether for leisure or work, and these courses will allow you to fly a drone with the required competencies.

Now it's recommended that you attend an in person drone course, however for more advanced drones, a lot of training companies have moved online due to the pandemic. People who intend to fly drones over 4kg in built up areas and for roles such as construction, must have this qualification and correct drone training to ensure the safety of the people and the surrounding area.

Although the world has changed so much, it’s understood that whether you use them to escape the world in your spare time or if they are vital tools in your business, you will need to use drones in 2021. We have all had to adapt to so much change in recent times and the drone community is no exception.

When it comes to leisure, using drones responsibly now is vital. If you cannot fly a drone whilst also following the government's guidelines maybe try and explore another exercise. The world of business is on the knife's edge and if you are lucky enough to be able to keep the business running through the pandemic do not worry about drone pilot training being unavailable to you. A whole range of courses are available on you that will provide you or your staff with sufficient training as well as the official certificate. Adapting will help everyone keep moving forward in the pandemic and keep the ball rolling in their business and personal lives whilst continuing to fight the virus.

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