How You Can Protect Your Pets With Technology

How You Can Protect Your Pets With Technology

Throughout history, humans have had an infatuation with animals. At first, we used to view them as a source of food. Then we realized we could train them to help us hunt for food. And then later we figured out that we could train them to help us with farms and fields.

But somewhere along the way, we developed a special kind of bond with them. Come to think of it, most of the TV movies I enjoy with my Frontier TV packages have pet characters. Like Sam, from I Am Legend. If you have a pet, you likely consider them a part of your family. And take care of them just like you would a family member.

Why Do You Need to Protect Your Pets?

Ask anyone who has ever lost a pet. They will likely tell you that it was one of the worst experiences of their lives. Pets become dependent on their caretakers. Not unlike children. Except children can grow up to become independent, pets grow more dependent as they grow older. Their dependency is a way for them to express their love.

Just as you would protect your children from wandering off alone, pets need protection too. Keeping your pet safe is one of the fundamental roles of a caregiver. But that doesn’t mean that you should keep your pets locked up all the time. Let them enjoy the outdoors but also keep them safe.

To help keep our pets safe, there has been a lot of development in pet technology. With the help of IoT, devices caretakers can comfortably leave their pets alone at home.

How Can Technology Help Protect Your Pets?

  1. Petcube Play 2
  2. Wagz Go Smart
  3. The Little Cat
  4. Playdate
  5. Whistle RF-V30
  6. Furbo Dog Camera

#1. Petcube Play 2

Petcube Play 2 is a pet security system that takes away all the anxiety of being away. It is a security camera and a two-way communication device. It connects with your phone via an app that you can use from anywhere, including your office. So you can see how your little buddy is doing at home without you. And if you feel they need to hear your voice, simply activate the microphone and speaker.

There is another version available that also has a built-in laser. You can control it remotely with the app. And use it to keep your cat, dog, or teacup piggy entertained.

#2. Wagz Go Smart

Finally, there is a way for you to make sure your pet can enjoy the outdoors without you. We are all aware of the issue with traditional cat/dog flaps. It opens your home to strays who can come and dominate your pet.

But with the Wagz Go Smart, you can ensure your pet's safety. It unlocks itself when it detects the RF-ID in your pet’s collar. And stays locked if it doesn’t. So only your pet can use it. This handy cat/dog flap is a must for any pet owner.

#3. The Little Cat

Cats have a lot of energy. But unlike dogs, they don’t need to leave the hose and be taken for walks. So they end up sprinting around the house and end up bumping into things. Of course, they’re going to end up breaking things and hurting themselves.

The Little Cat takes care of that for you. It’s an indoor catwalk wheel, similar to hamster wheels. But it's big enough to accommodate most cats. It also has a built-in laser system to help train your cats to use the wheel.

#4. Playdate

Most indoor pet injuries occur when they’re playing unsupervised. In some ways, pets are a lot like children. With the Playdate, you can ensure that your pet stays safe while playing. It is a play ball that connects with your phone. It has a built-in camera and two-way audio. And you can control it like an R/C car.

So you can control where your pet plays. Lead them to an open space in your house, even while you’re at work. And after the play session is over, you can move the ball to the wireless charging dock. And leave it there till the next playdate.

#5. Whistle RF-V30

Whistle RF-V30 is likely one of the most crucial pet safety devices. It is a small 1-ounce device that is small and light enough to attach to collars. The smart device connects to your phone with an app. You can use it to track your pet’s location in real-time.

It also has a built-in alarm and LED light to help locate your lost buddy. Another feature of the Whistle is that it alerts you when your pet strays too far. You can set a safe travel zone and you will know if your pet goes beyond.

#6. Furbo Dog Camera

The Furbo dog camera is similar to the Petcube but it has a secret weapon. Like the Petcube, it has a two-way speaker for communication. And it has a camera for you to check if your pet is safe. But its special feature is that it is also a treat dispenser.

You can connect your phone with it and remotely give your dog or cat a treat when they’ve been good. Or simply because they’re the best and they deserve a treat.


Often pet owners who leave their munchkins alone for the day put on some entertainment. The Animal planet on FiOS is a pet favorite, but there are some other options as well. If your pet has been good this year, perhaps you should get them their very own gaming console. Now there are gaming consoles made especially for your pet. It keeps them engaged and entertained while you’re busy at work.

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