If Only You Could Read Her Mind...... or Can You?

If Only You Could Read Her Mind...... or Can You?

If you ever have the chance to ask a guy what’s the most stressful thing that exists in his life, the answer you are most likely to get is, dating. A lot of men have an easier time getting that dream job, awesome place to live, cool friends, and expensive sports car. But when it comes to meeting and getting a date with women, the same men may be completely clueless. Beauty can cause the bravest and most macho of men to go from Superman to shivering, nervous, speechless little boys within seconds.

Just imagine you are on a date with an attractive woman. You are both sitting in an amazing Italian restaurant in the heart of Manhattan in NYC. She’s the most beautiful woman you’ve ever been on a date with. In fact, she’s so amazingly attractive that you haven’t even noticed the three guys standing next to you playing violins. All you can do is sit there and stare, and hope in nervousness that you don’t mess this up by saying or doing the wrong thing.

What if it was possible to read her mind Like Mel Gibson in the movie “What Women Want?” With this new mind-reading super power, you would always know how, when and what to say in any situation. No more guessing who’s single, looking for a date, having to figure out who’s in a bad mood, who finds you cute, etc. Dating classes and pick-up lines would all become things of the past.

Whenever you saw an attractive woman you’d like to meet but would normally be afraid to approach, you could walk right over, sit down and talk to her like you’ve known her for years. You’d know her hobbies, favorite foods, colors, cat’s name, friends’ names, shoes size, and a whole bunch of others things that no other guy in the whole venue or even world would know. It could even become a game where you could tell her you’re a mind reader, which you would be, tell her what she’s thinking at the time, such as a number. Imagine the shock and awe on her face while you told her stuff about herself that she may even deny, but deep down inside will know is true. She may be very impressed with your incredible abilities or think you’re a freak and scare the crap out of her. Either way you could use this super power for fun or evil, or both.

Of course the ability to read minds is impossible and is seen as just a parlor trick or the stuff of science fiction. Or is it? Neuroscientists at the University of Glasgow believe that one day mind-reading may become a reality. If you are interested in this type of stuff you can check the whole article out here.

Even though mind-reading is not a reality yet, you can still in the present day make a good guess at what a woman’s thinking by paying attention to her body language. When women are interested in a guy, they usually send subtle hints using body language in order to attract his attention. If you are sober and have enough confidence to can take the focus off yourself for a few minutes, you may be able to catch these subtle hints and possibly even get a date. It’s not rocket science, men.

  1. Women usually make eye contact with the guys that they want to approach them.
  2. A woman will frequently walk by a man or position herself within a few feet of him in order to make him notice her.
  3. Other subtle cues that a woman is interested in you is if she flips or frequently fidgets with her hair, licks or nibbles her lip, crosses and uncrosses her legs (done in order to draw your attention to her legs), strokes herself (i.e, her neck), strokes an object, tilts her head up toward yours, or looks up at you through her eyelashes.
  4. A surefire sign that a woman likes you is if she makes any physical contact with you. If she can’t keep her hands off you, do I really need to explain this?
  5. On the other hand, when a woman crosses her arms, leans away from you or keeps her legs or body turned away from you, she is creating a physical barrier and telling you she isn’t interested.

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