Is JEE Main Really a Difficult Exam To Crack? Paper Analysis Of 2019 JEE Main Question Paper

Is JEE Main Really a Difficult Exam To Crack? Paper Analysis Of 2019 JEE Main Question Paper

If you are gearing up to appear for JEE exam then you must already be aware that JEE is one of the most challenging entrance exams in India. There is intense competition and normally the syllabus prescribed for this exam is vast and lengthy. You will have to cover a lot of topics and the questions asked in these exams are quite tricky. The fact is that, if you have not prepared effectively then you are bound to fail. While the exam seems like an uphill battle for many, it is not always correct for people to say that JEE is very difficult to clear. This is a wrong idea that many have developed over the years.

JEE which is divided into JEE Main and JEE Advanced is an exam that can be easy to clear. Apart from having a strong preparation, you have to get some basic things right like following proper exam guidelines and having the confidence to perform well in the exams.

Having said that, if you are still wondering about the difficulty level of the exam, we will look at the analysis of JEE Main 2019 question paper and gain some deeper insight into what the exam is all about. You will understand the level of difficulty of each section in the paper and further get to learn the overall nature of the exam. You can go through the analysis below.

Chemistry Section

Chemistry section in JEE is usually the easiest and most scoring section in comparison to maths and physics. The questions that are asked are direct and mainly based on the NCERT syllabus. Candidates who have good memory skills and are thorough with concepts can easily score good marks in this section. As for the 2019 paper, the chemistry section yet again had straightforward questions. Equal weightage was given to all the parts - organic and inorganic as well as physical chemistry.

Maths Section

The mathematics section is usually set from moderate to difficult level. The questions that are asked are lengthy and analytical and they require you to develop better math problem skills or fluency. This section will require more time to solve the questions. As for 2019 paper, the questions that were asked contained a mix of moderate and difficult questions. They were mostly set from topics like coordinate and 3d geometry, calculus, trigonometry, mathematical reasoning, probability, statistics amongst others. To master math concepts and perform well in the exams you will have to keep practising and develop better math fluency.

Physics Section

The physics section is usually the toughest of the three sections. The questions are mostly numerical based and they require adept logical and reasoning skills. In 2019, the question paper mainly consisted of tricky and formula-based questions. The questions were set from topics like thermodynamics, mechanics, relative motion, SHM, waves, optics amongst others. If you want to do well in this section then you should get a good and clear understanding of both the basic and advanced concepts. Avoid rote learning and keep practicing the sums.

These are some of the key aspects of the JEE Main exam in terms of difficulty. Now that you have a good idea of how it is or how it will be you should prepare accordingly. Furthermore, if you want to check out JEE Advanced paper analysis you can follow the attached link.

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