Know These “Do's” And “Don'ts” When Using Large Wall Mirrors

Know These “Do's” And “Don'ts” When Using Large Wall Mirrors

Mirrors and looking glasses for long ago have been very popular and trendy in making any home bling. Imperatively mirrors are chic to designers and bling to house owners. Wall mirrors are not just essentials for homes but for every room probably. A stylishly placed wall mirror can cast and exude statement exposures and elegance in no time.

Some Do’s When Using Large Wall Mirrors

·Use Mirror Clips

While hanging and mounting the large wall mirrors people often use nails and attaches behind them. But one very essential and not to skip accessory of large wall mirrors is mirror clips. These clips and fasteners are specially made for large wall mirrors’ fitting projects. Mirror clips come in many different shapes and designs, choose them according to your wall decor and interior designing taste. Must use thesemirror catchers for the safe, secure and durable standing position of your large wall mirrors. These mirrors can be of slightly overweight that’s why they cannot be handled with mere nails or ropes. Some wall attaches and grips are needed to make them perfectly and firmly fixed at their space. These clasps and clips will be available to you in many shapes, designs and color ranges. Experts will always advise you to use and purchase them along with large mirrors because they need them most.

·Frameless Mirrors –Large Wall Mirrors

Large walls mirrors are already such large creature that they don’t need any chrome or cover around them, that is why they are usually frameless mirror.If some frame or chrome is attached around these gigantic mirrors then these mirrors will look gaudy and oversized. So to balance the already enough largeness of these vertical or horizontal spread mirrors no chrome or frame is added usually. So in this way large wall mirrors are usually frameless.

·Put Them Opposite To The Windows

To get most out of your large wall mirrors experts advise to place them just opposite the window. So what are the benefits of putting them opposite the windows and vanities?One major benefit of putting them there is that they will reflect the direct sunlight from its natural source into the house. Another great benefit of putting them in opposition to the windows is room will look large and open. Last but not the least rooms and halls with large wall mirrors and windows are always spacious than those who are deprived of these essentials.

·Get Professional Help In Installations

Always get expert’s helping hand and professional measurements while installing the large wall mirrors. Because large wall mirrors when placed mistakenly, unfitted or not right in order, they can cause a huge mess. Also your heavy investment will go in vain if these mirrors are not fitted properly. Retailers and manufacturers usually offer to install and fitting facilities along with product delivery, so avail the opportunity provided by experts and enjoy your wall mirror decorations.

·Get Enough Portable And Handy Large Wall Mirrors

Large wall mirrors usually have to be mounted high or placed in some corner. In both these options mirrors have to be light in weight, hard and sturdy. Portability is a high concern when large and magnanimous things are introduced in any home. Just in case of any mishap or emergency these things must be enough handy that 2-3 persons can manage them.

Some Don’ts When Using Large Wall Mirrors


Large wall mirror can cause distress if places such on high levels in homes. Gyms and parlors can mount them high so but for home usage these mirrors are of no use if you hang them so above. Never do a mistake of hanging and linking these wall mirrors of huge size so high that they might be causing troubles for you.

·Don’t Put Large Wall Mirrors Opposite To Your Doors

Lush and posh homes have always modern and expensive doors but if you place a mirror side by your door then all of the worth of your door will be gone. This will be a blunder that you put the mirror opposite to an expensive and extensively designed entrance door. Large wall mirrors will catch and waste the whole efforts and value of your door.

·Place Them T Arms’ Length From Your Bed

Large wall mirrors should be placed away from your bed. A simple logic behind this tip is that maybe some natural calamity or hazard happens while you are sleeping, then this large wall mirror can fall right on your bed. That’s why keep them away from your bed and sleeping space.


Concluding all this for you, large wall mirrors are of high elegance and beauty but certain concerns are to keep in mind while using them in your living spaces.

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