Know What Materials to Use for Your Die Cutting Projects

Know What Materials to Use for Your Die Cutting Projects

Die-cutting is an essential part of paper crafting techniques used to cut intricate shapes in just one go. The best part is that it eradicates the need for scissors required for creating stunning designs. Devices known as die-cutting machines are available in the market to cut shapes out of vellum, paper, and other materials. These machines come in three forms- manual die-cutting machines, electronic die cutting machines, and digital die-cutting machines.

You can make different types of dies such as cover die, layered die and more. Let us discuss the different types of material to die-cut.

1. Card Stock

This is a high-quality, heavy-weight finish paper that is widely used for die-cutting. It comes in a variety of colors. It is advisable to use the heaviest cardstock as it becomes easier to remove the die from the die-cut later on.

2. Patterned Paper

As we say the heavy paper is the perfect material for die-cutting, therefore patterned paper can also be the perfect match for your die-cutting project. Mix up different-style patterned paper to give a great look to your die-cuts. You can use this paper to make layered die cuts to suit your project design.

3. Vellum

It is a translucent sheet that is similar to card stocks in weight made from paper pulp. Since it is translucent in nature it is the perfect alternative to heavier opaque papers. Die-cutting vellum will add a sober yet elegant look to your project. You can use this material to make cover die cuts.

4. Glitter Paper

Adding glitter to your project adds shimmer and shine to it, and similarly, die-cutting glitter paper can help you come up with some exclusive designs for your project. Gold and silver are the two most preferred glitter paper colors used for die-cutting.

5. Fabric

Fabrics such as denim, silk, canvas, cotton, twills and more can be used for the die-cutting process. These fabrics are made by weaving threads and can be easily cut if it is thin.

Transform Your Paper Crafting

Try to die cut the above-discussed material and you will see the difference in your project. You can buy these materials online at economic deals and also check out different promotions if you want to buy other craft projects.

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