Mathematics Learning Process

Mathematics Learning Process

Mathematics is a subject that develops a logical attitude to solve mathematical problems in our daily life. Mathematics is a language that consists of a substrate of natural language which uses the technical and grammatical terms that characterise some of the mathematical terms. These mathematical terms are highly strengthened using some of the symbolic notations and formulas. Mathematics has its own symbols, rules of syntax and words. According to rules and logic in math, the set of assumptions are made, that are consistent to generate the formulas. Like other languages like physics, chemistry, biology etc, mathematics also has some concepts, algorithms, terminologies etc to understand it in a better way.

In schools, children learn mathematics through the process of seeing, hearing and participate in many aspects of mathematics to develop their decision making and problem-solving skills. Students will get a positive attitude towards mathematics when they have collaboration with peers to experience mathematics in the real world. To learn mathematics effectively and efficiently by the students, teachers formulate some of the activities related to the concepts like numbers, algebra, geometry etc. In geometry, we have two dimensional and three- dimensional shapes. It is necessary to learn the area, perimeter, volume of 2D and 3D objects. To learn it easily, teachers have to make a model of those shapes, and it should be explained clearly to students. Toys, games, charts, and some other props are used that would allow them to touch physically. In order to learn the volume of a frustum and cone, teachers should have a model of a cone to explain it in the right way.

The school curriculum allows the students to understand the reason for learning mathematics and they will get to know about the outcomes of the learning process. It allows children to be active learners instead of being passive learners. The children who have good mathematical ability, learn to work systematically and properly. Because mathematics provides a way of thinking logically to handle all the critical situations.

Since mathematics is associated with all the disciplines like physics, chemistry, medical science etc, it has enormous number of applications in our day to day life. Some of the concepts in mathematics like statistics, algebra, applications of derivatives in calculus, number system, probability etc., are involved in all the aspects of our lives without our knowledge. Because of these immense applications of mathematics, every student should learn and understand mathematics to evolve new ideas in the future. Some of the mathematical tasks and problems evoke the students to analyse and reason it to solve the problem. So having knowledge of mathematics helps to approach the tasks confidently.

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