Most Famous UK Photographers to Follow on Instagram

Most Famous UK Photographers to Follow on Instagram

The UK is notorious for producing great photographers for social media. The photographers include an extensive range of professions, including photos of food, weather, sports, and many more. You can search for various photographers on Instagram, depending on your preference, including portraits, wildlife, architecture, etc. Instagram is a perfect spot for skilled photographers across the world to share their creativity.

Instagram has become a professional platform for people who want to make money by depicting their photography skills through Instagram. The pictures of famous photographers are not only inspiring but also really adorable. With their impressive skills, they develop their Instagram followers in the UK.

Here are some of the famous photographers to follow on Instagram.

Kevin Russ

Kevin Russ is one of the excellent iPhone photographers. He is the exclusive iPhone photographer who is recognized for posting beautiful pictures of America’s Wild West. He is most skilled at taking pictures of magnificent landscapes, which will drive your mind. His work is praiseworthy. By following him, you will be capable of experiencing beautiful wildlife and also landscape pictures.


Koci Hernandez is a prize-nominated photographer as well as a photojournalist. She is very famous on Instagram for creating vintage images. If you are looking for black and white images, then following Koci on Instagram will amaze you. You can enjoy beautiful vintage images on her Instagram page. Your profile will be flooded with beautiful black and white images with creative meaning and captions too.

Rick Nunn

Rick Nunn started his career as a photographer in 2009. He is a portraiture virtuoso who loves making stylish shoots by using flash cameras. If you are a person who is always interested in knowing how the images were constructed, then following Rick on Instagram will benefit you in many ways. He shares his setup on his blogs and shares how the images are created and which type of lights are being used in making them. He tells the audience the importance of lights in photography which inspires them. He has the power of turning an ordinary picture into something special by adding lights to it. If her breakfast shots don't make you hungry then nothing ever will make you hungry too.

Lee Jeffries

Lee Jeffries makes intimate portraits of homeless people and that is the reason for his success on Instagram and other social media apps. He uses his camera to spread light on the lifestyle of homeless people. He has won many awards from famous magazines which include awards for Digital Camera and Amateur photographer. He not only takes pictures of the homeless but he also supports homeless people charities. If you want to enjoy some real photographs that depict life' you should follow Lee Jeffries on Instagram as a famous UK photographer. Lee is active on all social apps but you can see him most prolific on Instagram where you can see his incredible photography.

Chris Floyd

Chris Floyd is not only a photographer but also a Filmmaker. He is also a part of most well-known publications including Sunday Times Magazine and New Yorker. He is a very enthusiastic photographer. He has done many projects and in one of his very famous projects, he photographed 140 of his friends that he had made on social media. If you follow him on Instagram you will get to see the photographs of his shoots with famous stars.

Will Burrard Lucas

He is a wildlife photographer and a camera expert. If you wish to see African Savannah you can follow him on Instagram to see incredible shots of wild animals and can learn more about conversion and animal endangerment issues. You can spend hours and hours of your time scrolling through his profile on Instagram and will never get tired of his amazing photographs. His gallery has many pictures of brown bears and elephants in Zambia which are not available anywhere on the internet.


Adamsenatori has made his place on Instagram with his focus on work and impressive photography skills. If you follow this amazing photographer on Instagram, you will be able to enjoy the best aerial shots on Instagram.

The above-mentioned photographers are the most famous photographers of the UK on Instagram which you can follow and enjoy wonderful and breathtaking photos of views and people.

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